Umbul Sidomukti Semarang with beautiful scenery and yummy culinary, the most beautiful tourist spots – If you visit Semarang, don’t forget to also visit this natural attraction. There are various facilities provided here, ranging from adrenaline games, outbound training, camping ground, natural swimming parks, lesehan lodges, tourist huts, and meeting rooms. For the pool itself there are 4 pieces, tiered, can be selected based on different depths. Because this tourist attraction is located in a mountainous area, the swimming pool water is really cold, yet clear, and also refreshing.

Umbul Sidomukti Semarang with beautiful views

Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

Tourism Location of Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

Address Umbul Sidomukti Semarang Tourism is in the village of Sidomukti Kec. Bandungan Kab. Semarang.

Umbul Sidomukti route from Semarang

Departing from the city of Semarang, to Solo, you will pass the gas station on the left side of the road, “Lemah Abang”, from the gas station turn right towards the direction of Bandungan. Continue the journey to Jimbaran Market. On the right side is the “Sidomukti” alley. To get to the location of the uphill road, here you can easily find directions to Umbul Sidomukti.

Nature Adventure Tourism Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

For those of you who are happy with natural adventure tourism, Umbul Sidomukti may also be included in the list of the next tourist destination. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, that’s okay too. One of the exciting and adrenaline-challenging natural attractions is the flying fox, the length of the track is 110 meters. The distance is 70 meters high. Like in most YouTube videos, when you use a flying fox, you will feel like flying, crossing the valley. More or less like moving from one hillside to the hill on the other side, only depending on using a rope, of course, with the required helmet and safety. Maybe the flying fox at Umbul Sidomukti is not suitable if you are someone who is afraid of heights. The style used is the prone style like a flying superman, or using a sitting style is also allowed. The ticket rates are quite affordable, only Rp. 15,000.00, a test of courage at an affordable price. Of course this can be an exciting experience.

Culinary Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

At Umbul Sidomukti Semarang, dining facilities are also provided. Indonesian specialties are served here, ranging from tempeh, tofu, mendoan, and others. The advantage of eating culinary at this tourist location is the view. Where, you can enjoy culinary delights while enjoying the beautiful and natural mountain views. The culinary prices that are sold are still reasonable, not too expensive.

Not far from the location of Umbul Sidomukti, you can find a hangout that is trending among young people in Semarang, namely Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti. Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti offers a special coffee drinking experience because of its location on a mountain slope with cool air and beautiful natural scenery.

Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti

Lodging Umbul Sidomukti Bandungan Semarang

In Umbul Sidomukti, there are also several inns and hotels ready to serve those of you who intend to stay in Bandungan. So you can enjoy the night atmosphere around the Umbul Sidomukti area or in Bandungan. Cheap lodging recommendations near Umbul Sidomukti are Pondok Wisata Hotel, Grand Panorama Bandungan Hotel, Homtel Indah Bandungan Hotel etc.

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Entrance ticket price (HTM) Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

If you want to enjoy the facilities provided, you have to pay the entrance ticket with different banners, depending on the facilities and on what day you visit.

Here are the details:
· Monday to Friday, the weekday for Umbul Sidomukti HTM is IDR 5,000 / person.
· Saturday to Sunday, HTM Umbul Sidomukti weekend, IDR 10,000.00 / person.

That is only the price of the entrance ticket, if you want to enjoy the various rides provided you have to pay again. But don’t worry, because the price is quite affordable. Okay, just check the details:
· Marine bridge Rp. 7.000,00
· Flying Fox IDR 12,000.00
· ATV IDR 15,000.00 for weekdays, and IDR 20,000.00 for weekends
· Reporting Rp. 6,000.00
· Horse rental, per 30 minutes Rp. 50.000,00

There is a group package price with a minimum of 20 people. Of course, this group package price is more economical than regular ticket prices.

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So many articles about Umbul Sidomukti Semarang with Beautiful Views and Yummy Culinary, starting from beautiful scenery, ATVs, etc. Have a good vacation.