Typical souvenirs and culinary tours of Malang that you must buy, the most beautiful tourist spot – Malang, one of the student cities in East Java, does have a lot of stories. Not only does it have stories about academics, but Malang also has a lot of stories about Malang tourist attractions which is interesting. Starting from nature tourism, educational tours, modern tours to historical tours and even culinary tours we can find in Malang alone.

If you visit Malang, of course you also have to go on a tour. And if necessary, you also have to hunt down souvenirs because Malang is also a paradise for souvenirs. After that, to fill your stomach in Malang, also hurry for a culinary tour of Malang which is very interesting and fun. Then, souvenirs and culinary tours typical of Malang what should be hunted with its uniqueness and interesting taste? Here’s the information for you!

Malang Typical Culinary Tour

Our first discussion is culinary tourism in Malang. As we explained at the beginning, Malang has a wide variety of very distinctive and delicious varieties of skin. Make sure when you visit Malang City you also take the time to enjoy the following typical Malang culinary offerings:

Malang’s typical culinary meatball Malang

Meatball food is indeed not a foreign food for the Indonesian tongue. In almost various areas, there are many meatball food sellers. Unlike the meatballs in other areas, the meatballs in Malang have a distinctive taste. The raw materials and presentation are also different from other meatballs. Malang meatballs are usually equipped with crispy fried dumplings and also fried meatballs. In some restaurants selling meatballs are also equipped with various flavored meatballs such as tofu meatballs, cheese meatballs, muscle meatballs, liver meatballs, egg meatballs, etc.

Malang Strudel Typical Culinary

This is a unique new innovation souvenir from Malang city. Strudel is made from dough like a pie with a wide selection of flavors and of course there are also choices of Malang Apple flavors. Anyway, you will be addicted to it.

Typical Culinary Malang Tempe Chips

Tempe chips typical of Malang are one of the most popular choices among the others. The taste is very distinctive and is made from selected soybeans without a mixture of other raw materials which are also cheaper. These tempeh chips are also made by following the trend of various flavors.

Culinary Typical Malang Apple Chips

Apart from tempeh chips, fruit chips are also a characteristic of Malang. One of them is the typical Malang apple chips. Apple chips are very easy to find in Malang because Malang is known as the city of apples. In addition to apple chips, we have also developed various kinds of fruit chips with delicious flavors. Types of fruit that are widely used as chips in Malang include jackfruit chips, mango fruit chips, salak fruit chips and even durian fruit chips.

Typical souvenirs of Malang

Now, after being satisfied with typical Malang culinary offerings, you are also obliged to buy some typical Malang souvenirs for your family at home. Here are some typical Malang souvenirs that you can buy:

A typical Malang gift for an embroidered dress

For those of you who like embroidered fabrics and like negligee clothes, you can visit Jl Tangerang No 19 in Malang. There is a center for souvenirs typical of Malang, the type of embroidery dress. The price is cheap so it will not drain your pocket.

Malang Marchandise Arema souvenirs

As a city with its famous football club, Arema, Malang also has souvenirs typical of Malang, namely Arema souvenirs. For those of you who like Malang and its football club, you can visit and buy Arema merchandise at several Arema souvenir outlets available. This product can be in the form of t-shirts, scarves, clocks, pins, jackets, etc.

Those are some typical Malang souvenirs that you can find for your family at home. Hopefully the information we provide above regarding souvenirs and culinary tours typical of Malang is useful.