Tourist Attractions of the Watugong Buddhagaya Temple in Semarang, the Most Beautiful Tourist Places – You can find a trip to enjoy a Buddhist worship building when you are in Semarang. If you are going to drive towards Ungaran for 45 minutes, you can easily reach a monastery that stands in front of the Diponegoro IV Military Command Headquarters. In addition, if you still feel strange here, then you can ask the residents around the road to Watugong. On an area of ​​2.25 hectares stood a Vihara shaped like a gong, this is why the Vihara was named Watugong Buddhagaya Temple. This temple was built in 1955 with two main buildings, namely the Avalokitesvara Pagoda and the Dhammasala Vihara. Although this monastery is used as a place of worship for Buddhists, visitors who wish to see this monastery are allowed. The number of visitors is due to the fact that in this monastery there are many kinds of very unique ornaments that have Buddhist nuances.

Watugong Buddhagaya Temple in Semarang

What is in the Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara

1. Watugong Monument
2. Goddess Kwan Im statue measuring 5.1 meters in Avalokitesvara Pagoda.
3. Bodhi tree (Ficus Religiosa) planted by Bhante Naradha Mahathera in 1955 in the courtyard of the Watugong Buddhagaya Temple.
4. A Buddha statue that stands in the courtyard of the monastery, precisely under the Bodhi tree
You will see a sleeping Buddha statue in brown wearing clothes and a body with the same color, namely gold
5. The lotus pond around the pagoda adds to the beauty of this place of worship.
6. Avalokitesvara Pagoda or Metakaruna Pagoda

This pagoda means the pagoda of love and compassion. The pagoda that was built deliberately intends to honor the goddess of love, namely Dewi Kwan Sie Im Po Sat. Red and yellow colors cover the pagoda which has been crowned the highest pagoda in Indonesia in 2006 by MURI. Why is it the tallest pagoda? Yes, because the only pagoda in Indonesia that reaches a height of 45 meters with 7 levels which has the meaning of holiness that will be achieved by a hermit after reaching the seventh level. In this pagoda, you can see 30 statues adorning this pagoda, besides that there is something much more interesting when we look at the top of the pagoda, because at the peak there is an obedient Amitabha who is a great teacher of gods and humans. Located in the same place as the Amitabha statue, you will also see a stupa which functions to store the mother’s pearl. When you enter the pagoda which is quite large with a size of 15 x 15 meters to form an octagon, there is a statue depicting the figure of Panglima We Do beside the statue of Dewi Kwan Im.

When you set foot on the second to sixth levels, it is surrounded by a statue of Dewi Kwan Im which is placed in the direction of the wind with the implied meaning that the goddess can radiate compassion to the four directions. There are unique things that you have to do, you can do this to find out your fate in a very easy way, namely shaking the bamboo that has been given a sign so that one of the bamboo will fall, now because you may still be confused about what the prophecy means, the officer at here willing to help you translate the forecast for you. But sometimes if someone shakes the bamboo but not a single bamboo falls, many think that that day is not the right day to predict fate.

7. Buddhagaya Vihara
This monastery is a Buddhist place of worship surrounded by a fence depicting the story of Paticca Samuppada, which is a process about human life from birth to death. This two-story monastery has a multi-purpose hall on the first floor and a stage at the front. Now on the second floor, this is a place of worship for Buddhists. Inside this monastery, you are very amazed to see a large Buddha statue with a golden color. There is a special ritual that must be carried out as a condition for entering this temple by stamping feet on the reliefs of chickens, snakes, and pigs at the entrance to the temple in the hope that the person will leave bad qualities in order to enter nirvana. The reliefs contain the meaning where the reliefs of chickens are symbols of greed, snakes are symbols of hatred, and pigs are symbols of laziness. Anyone knows? In the making of this monastery, the materials needed during manufacture are imported directly from China. This monastery is under the auspices of the Therevada Sangha which is a monastic organization using the Pali Tipitaka Scriptures as a way of life. For those of you who want to stay overnight, you can stay at the lodging available in front of the Vihara.

Information Regarding Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara in Semarang

1. Uniquely, this Vihara does not charge entrance fees, because the Vihara management intends that visitors can pay as much as they want.
2. Opening hours of Buddhagaya Vihara are 07.00-21.00 WIB.
3. Visitors are required to cover up and speak politely.

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