Tourism Potential in the Tawangmangu Tourism Area in Karanganyar, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Karanganyar is a district in Central Java, this regency has various tourism potentials, one of which can be seen from the development of Tawangmangu tourism, where this tourist area has become one of the tourist destination choices is in Central Java. If you are curious about what tourist attractions are in Tawangmangu, you can read them below which we have described about various tourist icons.

1. Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu is one of the mountains that is the pride of Central Java, which is located in the Tawangmangu District. This mountain has a height of up to 3265 meters above sea level and at its peak, besides this Mount Lawu also has three peaks, namely hargo dumiling, hargo dalem and also hargo dumilah which is the highest peak on Mount Lawu, actually Mount Lawu is a volcano, however, currently Mount Lawu is still showing no signs of activity.

Apart from being a natural tourist attraction, hiking and climbing, Mount Lawu is also home to several tourist attractions, namely Cemoro, Sewu Tawangmangu and also Sarangan, besides that Mount Lawu is home to Sukuh and Cetho Temples.

2. Nglurah Village

Nglurah Village

Tawangmangu District also has one village that is a growing center for ornamental plants, namely Nglurah Village, where this village is located at the foot of Mount Lawu, so it has beautiful and unique natural scenery. And if you come to this village, you will find all the houses of the inhabitants that have various ornamental plants that are still planted in the ground and also packaged in polybags, besides being used as a sweetener in the yard, it turns out that this plant is also a source of income for most of the villagers of Nglurah and the products of this ornamental plant can be sold in various regions in Indonesia, even reaching the international market, namely Singapore and Malaysia.

It will be very nice if you take a trip here, because if you come here you can be spoiled for a refreshing sight of the various kinds of beautiful ornamental plants that crowd this area. In addition, this village also has a unique ritual, namely the ritual of dukutan or cleaning the village, this is intended to show their gratitude to God Almighty for the pleasures provided by him, this is also intended to cleanse themselves from negative influences and worldly desires.

3. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

The famous Tawangmangu tourist attraction is Grojogan Sewu, although the name of this waterfall is Grojogan Sewu, this waterfall does not have 1000 waterfall points. However, if you come to this place, then you can see the view of the waterfall that flows from several points that extend from this waterfall, so that it can create new waterfall branches, the highest waterfall point in Grojogan Sewu, namely reach 80 meters.

Besides the beautiful waterfall views, the location of Grojogan Sewu is also very pleasant, which is on the slopes of Mount Sewu which can add to the beauty of the scenery in this place, besides that the stretch of forest here is still beautiful and green and there are many types of plants that grow there. , especially coupled with clean and refreshing air will definitely make you feel a pleasant tour in Grojokan Sewu.

That’s what we can say about the fun Tawangmangu Tourism, The District That Has Everything. May be useful for you all.