Tourism Places Putri Kaliurang Sleman Yogyakarta, the most beautiful tourist attractions -Telaga Putri is a natural lake located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. This lake offers enchanting natural beauty with various tourist facilities in it. The location of Telaga Putri is in the tourist area of ​​Kaliurang. Precisely located in the Hargobinangun Village District. Pakem, Regency. Sleman, Yogyakarta. To reach this location is not difficult because the road conditions to get there are smooth and the conditions are not too uphill.

Telaga Putri tourist spot is not a large and wide lake. This lake can be said to be relatively small, but even so it does not reduce the beauty offered by this lake. Telaga Putri itself is actually just a small lake that functions as a bathing pool. In this natural bathing pool, visitors will feel the sensation of bathing in the cold conditions of the typical mountain water. The place is also closed so that visitors will not feel worried about privacy issues.

Tourism Place Putri Kaliurang Sleman Yogyakarta

Kaliurang Princess Lake

The combination of nature tourism and water tourism makes the Telaga Putri area very attractive. The natural scenery presented in the Telaga Putri area is very enchanting, green, beautiful and very calm. Here, visitors can try various water rides in an artificial lake such as; canoes and duck boats that can be rented by visitors. Sometimes visitors mistakenly think that this artificial lake is Telaga Putri. Apart from water rides, this place also offers games such as flying fox with a track length of about 25 to 30 meters with guaranteed safety standards. Not a few children tried this flying fox ride. There is also a playground that offers a variety of games such as the Ferris wheel, seesaw, swing, ball bath and various other games. All of these rides can be enjoyed by all family members and the ticket prices are relatively affordable.

For visitors who want to relax, visitors can sit by the lake while enjoying the enchanting natural beauty of the mountains. You can also take pictures while capturing the natural beauty that is in this place. In this place there are also hordes of monkeys who often appear and are not disturbed by the activities of the visitors. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly see a monkey near you. These monkeys will not bother you unless you are nosy to annoy them.

On holidays, the region Telaga Putri tourist attractions often hold art performances. Various ways are held such as: entertainment stages, puppets, and various traditional performances such as jathilan. Jathilan is a traditional art in the form of a dance. Usually jathilan will be performed by male dancers totaling 5 to 6 people wearing costumes with striking colors and a foot ornament full of bells that will splash every step of the dance so that the atmosphere of Telaga Putri becomes even more festive. So if you want to visit Telaga Putri, it’s better just on Sundays so you can witness the excitement of the Princess Lake atmosphere.

One more lake in the Kaliurang area, namely Muncar Lake. This lake lies under a waterfall. To enter this area you will be charged a cheap fee. Here you can relax while taking pictures while watching the activities of the monkeys which sometimes ask visitors for food.

Kaliurang Tourism in Sleman Yogyakarta
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