This is the most popular tourist spot in Magetan, East Java, the most beautiful tourist spot – East Java is a province that has a lot of tourism potential that is no less interesting than other provinces. One district that has many tourist attractions that are of interest to tourists is Magetan Regency.

If you want to fill your vacation time, you can come to this city because this city also has a lot of natural tourism potential. If you are curious about what are the tourist objects in Magetan City, then keep on paying attention to the articles below. The following are some of the tourist attractions in Magelang Regency which are the most popular among tourists.

1. Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake

The most famous tour in Magetan is a lake called Telaga Sarangan. You can find this lake at the foot of Mount Lawu Magetan, which is 16 KM west of the center of Magetan City. The area of ​​this Sarangan Lake is 30 hectares and also has a depth of up to 38 meters.

The Sarangan Lake also offers cool air with temperatures around 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. This happens because the location of this lake is at the foot of the mountain. Usually this lake is visited by many tourists so that it makes Sarangan Lake equipped with several tourist facilities such as lodging, horse riding facilities around the lake, speedboats for playing and various food places. For those of you who are in Central Java, you can access Sarangan Lake via Karanganyar, Central Java.

2. Lake of Revelation

Telaga Wahyu

Telaga Sarangan Magetan also has another Lake tourism object, namely the Wahyu body or commonly called the Wurung Magetan lake.

Here you can find a lake within 2 km east of Sarangan. The scenery that is owned by this lake is very beautiful and can be captivating because the stretch of this lake is 10 hectares with a depth of up to 16 meters.

In addition, the lake manager also deliberately spreads various kinds of fish in the lake so that visitors to the lake can carry out fishing activities, so that this lake also provides fishing facilities. And if you want to camp, you can camp on the campgrounds that are already available.

3. Kiwo Pundak Waterfall

Kiwo Pundak Waterfall

In Magetan there is a waterfall that has a height of up to 45 meters, namely the Kundak Kiwo Waterfall, so that if you come here you will be treated to magnificent natural beauty.
Currently the waterfall is being developed by the local government so that it can be used as a natural tourist attraction. Under this tourist attraction also provides several facilities, namely a parking lot, toilet facilities and a gazebo.

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