This is the Schedule for the 2020 Chinese New Year Market in Pati, a Regional Tourist Place – On January 25, 2020 Tiong Hoa residents will celebrate Chinese New Year 2571. In Pati Regency, Central Java, Chinese New Year celebrations are held lively. What is a routine agenda for Chinese New Year celebrations in Pati is the holding of the Imlek Market located around Hok Tik Bio Pati Temple. The Imlek Market in Pati has not been implemented for 3 years or has been inactive for several reasons. This year the Imlek Market will be very lively. Pati Imlek Market will be held from January 17 to 26, 2020 around Hok Tek Bio Temple. At the Imlek Market in Pati Regency, various handicrafts, clothes and various kinds of snacks and food are held. According to the committee of the Pati Imlek Market, there are around 90 booths participating in this Imlek Market from Pati itself and its surroundings.

The existence of the Imlek Market itself is certainly very pleasant for Pati residents. For visitors, this annual agenda can be used as a refreshing event and a very entertaining culinary tour. As for merchants, this agenda can increase their income because if they sell at events with lots of visitors, their merchandise will be sold well.

In addition to holding the Imlek Market, the highlight of the Chinese New Year celebration in Pati will be the Chinese New Year Cultural Kirab which will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 starting at 12.00 WIB. In this Kirab will be supported by art groups from Pati and its surroundings such as Barongsai, various dances, Drum Band etc. For the route that will be passed in the Lunar Culture Kirab in Pati, start from Jalan Pemuda – Simpang Lima – Jalan Sudirman – Jalan Kyai Saleh – Jalan RA Kartini – Jalan Dr Wahidin, Jalan Tondonegoro – Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan and then Finish at Hok Tik Temple. Bio.
For more details about the Pati District Lunar Kirab Route, please see the following plan:

Chinese Lunar New Year cultural parade route 2020

According to the Chairman of the Hok Tik Bio Pati Temple, Eddy Siswanto, this year’s Chinese New Year with the theme “Greeting the Nation in the Garden of the Heart by Strengthening Brotherhood for the Advancement of the Republic of Indonesia). During the Chinese New Year Celebration in Pati, 2 tons of basket cakes were also distributed which will be held on July 24 at 14 WIB.Besides that, there will also be donations for orphans, interfaith prayers, etc.

Starch Chinese New Year 2020 celebrations

Starch Chinese New Year 2020 celebrations

The success of the Chinese New Year celebration which is held in Pati every year and also the large amount of public interest in attending the Chinese New Year market shows that the life of tolerance among religious believers in Pati Regency is very good. Visitors to the Pati Imlek Market are of course not only Tiong Hoa residents, but also many members of other religions. For that, if you want to experience the sensation of the Chinese New Year market in Pati, you can attend the Chinese New Year Market and also the Cultural Carnival in commemoration of the Chinese New Year in Pati City.