The Mystical Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall Tour, The Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Visiting waterfall attractions is indeed an interesting tourist visit because by visiting waterfall attractions we can enjoy challenges, adventures and exciting sensations from our tourist visits. And if you are one of the lovers of waterfall tourism, you are advised to go to Nganjuk. In Nganjuk, there is a waterfall tour that is very interesting to visit, namely the Sedudo Waterfall tour.

This East Java Sedudo Nganjuk waterfall tour does seem very beautiful, but according to the story circulating in the community around the Sedudo Waterfall tour, it is said that there is a mystery behind the warm and fresh tour of this Sedudo Waterfall. Maybe you want to know more information about Sedudo Waterfall tours? Here’s the complete information for you!

Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall Tour

Information Regarding Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall Tour

Sedudo Waterfall has a natural beauty that is second to none. Because of the beauty and popularity of this Sedudo Waterfall tour, this one tour is very popular with most tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Location sedudo waterfall tour it is located in the area of ​​Ngliman Village, Sawahan sub-district, Nganjuk. If from the city center of Nganjuk, Sedudo Waterfall is about 30 km to the south and passes through the Berbek and Sawahan districts. Sedudo Waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis and is at an altitude of about 1438 meters above sea level and with a height of up to 105 meters. Because it is quite popular, the facilities owned by Sedudo Waterfall tourism are also quite good with a very easy path to access.

Even though it is very easy to access, the location is in the mountains which makes you have to prepare a good vehicle because the road is quite uphill. After you pay the entrance ticket at the main gate, you still have to do trekking to get to this Sedudo Waterfall tourist location. But take it easy, even though you are tired from trekking, all your efforts will be paid off with the beautiful charm provided by the Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall tour.
After arriving at this Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall tour, you will find a truly interesting sight. You will feel the flow of water that flows beautifully and gives a fresh effect and you will find it on this Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall tour. And of course the very exotic scenery will make you feel at home for a long time on the Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall tour. If so, don’t forget to capture the exciting moment there.
Besides being famous for its beauty, Sedudo Waterfall is also famous for its mystical stories. That said, this Sedudo Waterfall can cure various diseases and can also make you stay young. Therefore, many of the visitors are willing to come a long way to Sedudo Waterfall and linger there for soaking. In addition, there are also those who believe that the water in Sedudo Waterfall can launch a political career and also grant their wishes. Reportedly, many officials from the village level to national figures take the time to soak in this Sedudo Waterfall, of course at certain times.

The admission price for the Sedudo waterfall is quite cheap, namely Rp. 10,000 per person, both children and adults. Meanwhile, parking fees are almost the same as other places, motorbikes are Rp. 2000 and a car Rp. 5000.

Hopefully your trip in Nganjuk by visiting the Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall tour will be pleasant. Hopefully the information we provide above regarding the Information Regarding Sedudo Nganjuk Waterfall Tourism is useful.