Culinary tour Typical of the Most Delicious Balikpapan, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – If you like to travel and visit various tourist attractions to fill your vacation, then don’t say that you have never shaken your tongue in Balikpapan. The term shaking the tongue is indeed synonymous with a culinary tour. So, it feels strange if we have gone on vacation with family all the way, but the stomach is still not filled properly.
As is well known, the development of culinary tourism in the city of Balikpapan is very fast. Moreover, this city in East Kalimantan often produces its marine wealth. So it’s no wonder the mainstay menu here is seafood or seafood, such as crab, sea fish and squid. Because of that, you can’t miss typical Balikpapan culinary which tastes the best in the following.

Typical culinary tours in Balikpapan are the most delicious

1. Dandito Crab Restaurant

Dandito Crab Restaurant

The Dandito Crab Restaurant is very popular among foodies. The typical dishes served are seafood and the restaurant’s mainstay is crab dishes. However, the typical Balikpapan type of crab is certainly different from the others, which have soft meat and when cooked it tastes so delicious without the slightest fishy smell. The mandatory menu that you need to taste here is Crab with Walnut Sauce, it’s no wonder that many residents like it.

2. The Torani Restaurant

Torani Restaurant

Next is the Torani Restaurant which is located on Jalan Djendral Sudirman, to be precise, the Stal Horse Detention Center complex. This place to eat is indeed the most visited by local and foreign tourists. The restaurant’s special menu is Boneless Milkfish. It cannot be denied that this type of food has a distinctive taste and is very delicious to eat. For that, you need to try it while on vacation in Balikpapan. Moreover, the price offered is so affordable and not too expensive.

3. Black Pepper Soba Noodles

Black Pepper Soba Noodles

Who would have thought that Balikpapan also has culinary delights other than sea fish. As a result, a menu of Black Pepper Soba Noodles is found which is highly recommended for you. The shape of the noodles is slightly larger than other types of noodles. This black pepper buckwheat noodle is indeed suitable to be eaten with the black sauce that melts on each sheet. Moreover, the noodle toppings that decorate your appetite are very attractive. Guaranteed you will not regret for a culinary tour in this place.

4. Pondok Kelapo

Pondok Kelapo

There is still one more thing that you must try when you come directly to the city of Balikpapan. Here is a typical culinary restaurant called Pondok Kelapo, which is located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Balikpapan. This culinary spot is arguably very unique and special. Its location is on the edge of the beach so it is very suitable to be enjoyed while looking at the beauty of the sea. You can depart from Semayang Harbor because Pondok Kelapo is not far from there. However, to eat the culinary here, you will be offered a little expensive.

For those of you who claim to be culinary lovers, then visit all the typical culinary attractions in the city of Balikpapan. Hopefully you are satisfied to enjoy special culinary offerings