The Beauty of Lake Ranau Tourism in South OKU, South Sumatra, the Most Beautiful Tourist Places – For those of you who are confused about where to go on vacation, maybe one of the places that we will review this time is a reference for your vacation. Vacationing is one of the most exciting activities. With a vacation we will increase the intimacy and harmony between our family members. Do you intend to visit Lake Ranau? Maybe the information that we will review this time is very useful for you.

The beauty of Lake Ranau Tourism

Lake Ranau Tour

Location of Lake Ranau

Lake Ranau is one of the lakes located on the border of West Lampung Regency and Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan Regency, South Sumatra Province. Ranau itself is an area that has an area of ​​13 meters, this lake is a mountain that was formed as a result of a very powerful volcanic eruption and an earthquake that formed a basin. Around this mountain there is a large river that flows at the foot of Mount Ranau, here there are ravines and various types of shrubs. In addition, on the shores of Lake Ranau, there are remnants of a mountain called Mount Samino which stands tall beside the lake, with very clean water and is located in West Lampung Regency. If you visit Lake Ranau you have to pay around IDR 1,000 and for parking IDR 4,000

The view on Lake Ranau

The panorama presented on this lake is also very beautiful. In Lake Ranau, it is surrounded by hills and seminung mountains with its natural warm water source, a young strato morphological volcanic caldera, namely the Kemuning feather built on the side from an altitude of 600 m above the surface of the caldera lake.

Lake Ranau has small huts that are used as residences for the surrounding community. The people around Lake Ranau are farming and make a living as fisheries, the huts are very clean and can be used as very cheap lodgings. The local community lives by cultivating coffee, cloves, and tobacco.

The staple goods sold around Lake Ranau are very cheap, such as bananas, rice and other fruits. Lake Ranau also has various restaurants serving grilled fish dishes of Lake Ranau. in Lake Ranau you can also enjoy the beauty of a very extraordinary Sunset with a backdrop of mountains.

Vacationing to Lake Ranau You can also rent a boat to explore Lake Ranau and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Ranau. In addition, we can also visit hot and cold water baths. Although Lake Ranau is famous for being cool and cold, there is also a hot spring which is really hot with very warm sand. Here you can also do snorkeling and swimming activities to get an amazing experience.

The hot springs are located on a small island known as Marisa Island. Marisa Island itself has amazing stories and legends, in the past it was said that there was a very handsome prince and Princess Aisyah who had two lovers, namely The Bitter Tongue and the Four Eyes. Princess Ayesha promised to marry someone who could build a bridge over the entire Lake Ranau one night before sunrise. But until morning only Marissa Island could wake up and finish.

That’s what I can say about The beauty of Lake Ranau in South OKU for all of you, hopefully it can be useful, happy holidays and see you.