The beauty of Batu Karas Ciamis Beach, West Java, the most beautiful tourist spots – It’s no stranger to being in West Java, you will definitely go straight to Pangandaran Beach Tourist Attractions because it is the main destination when here. But keep in mind if there is one beach on the same coastline named Pangandaran Beach Batu Karas Beach Tourist Attractions located at Jl. Batu Karas, Cijulang District, Ciamis Regency. No less beautiful than Pangandaran Beach, because the beach in Ciamis is called Balinya West Java because it offers attractive waves for surfers. So that it is no stranger to finding many foreign tourists here. This black sand beach is located 40 km from Ciamis which is less crowded than Pangandaran Beach, but that is an advantage where we can enjoy more silence while relaxing here.

Retribution on Batu Karas Beach Tourism

For pedestrians Rp. 5,000.00 (one person); motorbikes Rp. 3,900.00; Jeep or sedan Rp. 9,200.00; Carry Car IDR 17,200.00; large capacity vehicles Rp. 22,200.00; mini bus Rp 32,700.00; medium bus Rp. 49,500.00; and large buses Rp. 80,500.00.

Activities while at Batu Karas Beach

1. Surfing at Batu Karas Beach

There is a small bay that will make it easier for surfers to get to the best spot waves without paddling. Around here there is also a rental available to rent surfing equipment complete with a reliable instructor. You can try some of the best spots for diving, from Bulak Pendak, Legok Pari, and coral. Nah Bulak Pendak is the best spot that will spoil professional surfers, but to go to Bulak Pendak you have to sail first by boat. For beginners, you can try the spots in Legok Pari which are no less exciting. If you are on the Karang spot, because as the name implies, you have to be a little patient at this spot because you need to wait for the tide, considering that this spot has lots of rocks.

2. Exciting activities based on adrenaline at Batu Karas Beach
So for those of you who can’t surf, then this activity is the best choice for you. Because you have to try everything from jet skis, banana boats, to horse-drawn carriages on the beach which will add to the excitement of your vacation.

3. Adventure at Batu Karas Beach
Adventurous souls will definitely be satisfied with their journey to Karang Nunggal, a remote and small beach that is no less beautiful than Batu Karas Beach. You can ask a local to be your guide for hiking or camping on this small beach full of towering rocks.

4. Relax at Batu Karas Beach
Along the beach, sitting on the sand of the beach with a view of the twilight when the sunset appears, complete with warm sweet coffee adds to your own enjoyment. There will also be a sight of the cheerful voices of small children building sand castles with their families.
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Pictures of Batu Karas Ciamis Beach

Tourist Attractions in Batu Karas Ciamis Beach, West Java

Tourist Attractions in Batu Karas Ciamis Beach, West Java

Tourist Attractions in Batu Karas Ciamis Beach, West Java

Souvenir shop at Batu Karas Beach

For those of you who want to hunt for souvenirs here, around the Batu Karas Beach tourist attraction, there are souvenir shops selling t-shirts, swimwear, marine handicrafts, and many more. Interestingly, you can still offer the price of your target item. For stomach satisfaction, it can be obtained by visiting restaurants to food stalls that serve culinary delights of seafood and Sundanese specialties.

Hotels around Batu Karas Beach

No need to worry about the lack of lodging on this beach, because here there are many cottages and bungalows for your overnight stay. Or want to try a new atmosphere, you can also stay at local residents’ houses while getting to know each other about the customs and culture here. To book a hotel room, you can access it on Agoda which will make it very easy for you to choose the hotel according to your needs.

Route to Batu Karas Beach

You can drive to Cijulang by private or rented vehicle, unfortunately you will be confused by the many directions to Batu Karas Beach. For those who want to use public transportation, you can look for them at Pangandaran terminal to take a minibus to Cijulang and when you arrive in Cijulang, you can continue by taking an ojek for IDR 30,000.00.
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