The Beautiful Sambisari Sleman Temple, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Sambisari Temple is one of the most attractive temples in Yogyakarta. Because this is where you can explore tours and at the same time you can also take your hobbies for photography in this place. There are many interesting things you can do and get at this one tourist spot. Not surprisingly, even today, both domestic and foreign tourists like to visit this one tourist spot. The location of Sambisari Temple is in Sleman Yogyakarta Regency. However, this tour is well known by the general public, especially Yogyakarta residents. The location is also close to the Prambanan Temple Tourism Complex and Ratu Boko Temple. Therefore, if you are traveling by using a private vehicle, you can stop by Sleman tour Sambisari Temple this.

Sleman Sambisari Temple with Beautiful Views

Sambisari temple, Sleman

Sambisari temple, Sleman

The History Behind Sambisari Temple

Just like other small temples, before you enjoy the beauty of this one temple, you have to fill in the guest book first and also have to pay the restitution fee sincerely. Based on the information board that already exists, this temple was actually discovered from July, back in 1966. So, you could say that this temple is now 50 years old.

Meanwhile, for its history, it is stated that there used to be a farmer by the name of Karyowinangun. At that time, he was hoeing in his own rice field. At that time, he felt that the place he was hoeing had hit a rock. After further investigation, it turned out that the stones he had hoeed out were stones from the temple which is currently the Sambisari Temple.

You can imagine, this one temple is much more like finding a pyramid top that has been buried with sand. It could be that at that time his hoe stumbled on a rock which was precisely at the top of the main temple of this one temple. So, the excavation process further shows that it turns out that Sambisari Temple is located around 6.5 meters, much lower than among the plains around it.

There are allegations that this temple was buried by volcanic ash originating from the eruption of Mount Merapi hundreds of years ago. So, this makes this temple hidden.

The attraction of Sambisari Temple in Sleman

One of the things that is the main attraction of this temple is that this temple is located at 6.5 meters below ground level. So, it can be estimated that this temple was buried with a very powerful eruption material from Mount Merapi in 1006 AD. In addition, this is where there is a large statue of a Lingga and Yoni in a chamber inside the temple body. Not only that, this temple also does not have supporting pillars, so that the base part is now the supporting pillar as well.

Route to Sambisari Temple

To get to this temple, you can use 2 ways, namely using public transportation and also private vehicles. Where for more details are summarized below:

Public transportation
For public transportation, you can take a bus heading for Jogja – Solo, until you see a signpost to the temple site. So from that main road, about 2 km you can reach this temple using a motorcycle taxi.

Private vehicle
If you are using a private vehicle, then you can go through the direction of Jogja Solo until there is a signpost that leads to the temples on the north side of the road. Next, just go along the path north, and you will find it.

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Those are some of the facilities and also what you can do at Sambisari Temple. By looking at the reviews above, this can make you understand how attractive this historical tourist spot is. That way, you can easily prepare whatever is needed to visit this place. So, travel is even more fun.