Surabaya Flora Park, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – In recent years the face of the city of Surabaya has become more beautiful with the presence of a number of city parks that adorn this city of heroes. City parks that exist in Surabaya are not only the lungs of the city of Surabaya, but their existence can also be an alternative for cheap tourist options in Surabaya. One of Surabaya city parks that you can visit in your spare time or on your weekend is a tour Surabaya Flora Park.

This park was formerly known as the Surabaya Nursery. This park is on Jalan Manyar which is not far from the Bratang Terminal and is only about 200 meters away. In this park there will be a lot of fun that you can find and your family tour here will be very pleasant. Then what is the attraction of the Taman Flora Surabaya tour? Here’s the complete information for you!

The attraction of Surabaya Flora Park

Surabaya Flora Park

Surabaya Flora Park was first inaugurated in August 2007 which has an area of ​​up to 2.4 hectares. This Flora Garden looks so shady because it has hundreds of trees and plants. In this park you can also find a number of tea plants, tubers, kana, pandanus, erva, zigzag, spider, lilies, gandarusa and many more. Therefore, do not be surprised if you just take a step into the Surabaya Flora Park. The hot air changes instantly to be cool, shady and peaceful. The breeze can also make you very comfortable and want to quickly sleep under the available shady trees.

This hangout place in Surabaya in the form of Flora Park can also be the right place to unwind after you have worked a full day or while taking a break. There are also several seating areas provided for you to relax.

Indeed, this park is titled a Flora Garden, but in fact this park also has several collections of fauna. You can find deer, shells, ostriches, peacocks and a number of other animals here. Its beautiful environment makes Flora Park a comfortable place for these fauna in Surabaya. There is also a fish pond which complements the beautiful and exotic charm of Taman Flora. In the fish pond, there are many fish with various types ranging from koi fish, ornamental fish, and a number of other freshwater fish with various colors. It feels like visiting Flora Park is like visiting a fairy tale world that tells of a beautiful place in a rather arid land

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For those of you who are interested in enjoying the cool air and the natural beauty of Taman Flora in Surabaya, please just come here. Hopefully the information we provide above regarding Surabaya Flora Park Tourism is useful.