Surabaya Old Town Tour with Unique Old Buildings, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – What do you think about the city of Surabaya? When talking about Surabaya, East Java, what will be illustrated is the city of heroes, the G-walk, its lontong racing and a million busy activities carried out by Surabaya. However, actually the city of Surabaya also has many interesting sides in addition to the many activities that are busy in Surabaya. One of the interesting things that Surabaya has is Kota Tua tourism.

In Surabaya Old Town Tour You can enjoy what Surabaya was like in the past. And there you can also enjoy cheap tours that are so popular in Surabaya. There are many interesting aspects about Surabaya’s culture and history in Kota Tua tourism which is still standing strong in Surabaya. Maybe you are interested in traveling cheaply in the Old City of Surabaya? Come on, look at the following information!

The Face of Old Surabaya in the Old City of Surabaya

Surabaya Old Town

In the Kota Tua Surabaya tour, you can see what Surabaya was like in the past. In fact, since long time ago Surabaya has been the center of the crowd as well as the center of government. You can see this from a number of old buildings that still adorn the face of this hero city. And there we can explore the face of the old city of Surabaya.

The old buildings in Kota Tua Surabaya are hundreds of years old and still stand firmly and exude their charisma as a magnificent building in its time. In fact, a number of buildings are still being maintained both in terms of form and function. You can see the Grahadi building on Jalan Governor Suryo and now the governor’s office which has been a government building for a long time.

In the Dutch era this building was used as the office of the Gouverneurs, as well as during the Japanese era this building was used as a residency or office of Syuucho. The same thing also happened to the City Hall building, where the Surabaya mayor’s office has always been used as the mayor’s office. And not only the government building, there is also a Dutch police headquarters called the hoofdbureau which is currently the Surabaya police office. This building was built in 1850 but has undergone repairs for the sake of repairs but still does not lose its original character.

What is also not left out, there is a post office building which in ancient times has played its role as a conveyor for letters, documents and even postal orders. Then there is also the Gubeng station which is the largest train station in the southern region of Surabaya. However, this station is made with a building that seems more modern than the original.

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That is the little information that we can give you this time about Surabaya Old Town Tour with Unique Old Buildings. Hopefully the information we provide above is useful and enjoy the beauty and enjoy the history of the Old City of Surabaya.