Slopeng Beach Tourism in Madura with a very wide stretch of sand, the most beautiful tourist spots – do you want to travel in Madura? Not only Suramadu, you can also visit Madura. And not only Jaddih Hill that you can find in Madura, although it cannot be denied that Suramadu Bridge and Bukit Jaddih are the most favorite tourist spots on Madura Island. However, the distribution of beach tourism on Madura Island is also worth a visit. One of the beaches in Madura that deserves to be your visit is Slopeng Beach. There is a stretch of beach sand that is so wow it will blow you away. Especially when the clear waves are splashed, it will make you more interested in lingering on Slopeng Beach.

Slopeng Beach Tourism in Madura

One of the most talked about people from Slopeng Beach The sand is very wide with clear waves and a panoramic view of the sunset and sunrises that are second to none. And here we will provide complete information about Slopeng Beach tourism for you

Slopeng Beach Tourism in Madura

Slopeng Beach Tourism in Madura

The tourist attraction of Slopeng Madura Beach

Nowadays Slopeng Beach has appeared on the surface of its name and many people are also familiar with Slopeng Madura Beach tourism. Slopeng Beach has very clear sea water and it increasingly tempts visitors to explore it by swimming or just playing with water. You can also invite your little one to play water on Slopeng Beach because Slopeng Beach has a soft splash of water. They will also feel more at home playing water on Slopeng Beach. Apart from being under a tree, visitors can also relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach by sitting in the gazebo around the beach. If you are thirsty, you can also enjoy young coconut ice that has been sold on the beach.

The sand on Slopeng Beach Madura is very thick. Because of the large and thick sand on Slopeng Beach, Madura, it makes Slopeng Beach has a sand dune of about 15 meters and also becomes a barrier between the highway and the beach. This sand dune looks like a mountainous plain on a plateau. Moreover, on the sand dune, small trees grow which increasingly make it resemble a mountainous plain.

At Slopeng Beach you can swim, snorkel, play beach volleyball or even sit and sunbathe while enjoying the breeze. There are lots of palm trees and siwalan trees which make the atmosphere of Slopeng Beach cooler. Don’t forget to take pictures to capture the exciting moment that is second to none at Slopeng Beach. Surely your visit to Slopeng Beach will make a pleasant tour visit for you

Hopefully the information we provide above regarding the tourist attraction of Slopeng Madura beach is useful. Enjoy an exciting holiday at Slopeng Madura Beach.