North Sumatra Simalem Tourism Park, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Talking about tourist attractions in North Sumatra, of course what often comes to our mind in general is Parapat with Lake Toba, Tanah Karo with Mount Sinabung and Sibayak, Iman Tourism Park in Dairi and others. Currently in North Sumatra, there are tourist attractions that offer a different concept from other tourist attractions.

Taman Simalem, which is located in the Brand Area, is a new tourist spot in North Sumatra. Taman Wisata Simalem, which covers an area of ​​approximately 206 ha, gives a new feel to the view of Lake Toba from a different and very wide angle. Apart from that, in this place we can also see and enjoy various fruits such as oranges, biwa, eggplant, passion fruit and others, which are planted and developed in this area as a complement to tourists who come to visit.

Simalem Tourism Park, North Sumatra

In addition, the Taman Simalem tourist area, which can be reached about 2.5 hours from the city of Medan, also provides facilities that can be said to be complete and modern but still natural or natural, which can provide an interesting experience that will make tourists feel at home. visit. These facilities include Pangambat Valley, a flower nursery equipped with a comfortable gazebo on the riverbank, Kodon-kodon Cafe, a stopover that is directly opposite Lake Toba, so that we can see and enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the gazebo that has been was built.

For tourists who like to play golf, a large area for golf courses has also been prepared, namely the Gorat Ni Padang Golf Course. The Simalem Tourism Park area also provides facilities for tourists who want to travel while adventuring in the open, namely the creation of a Jungle Track and Camping Ground, with an atmosphere of wilderness and waterfall. To meet the culinary needs of tourists, in the tourist area of ​​Simalem, there are many cafes that provide delicious and varied foods so tourists can choose their own culinary tastes. Apart from culinary delights, this place also sells various kinds of handicrafts and also typical North Sumatra souvenirs that you can give to your family and colleagues.

Thus was our brief review on this occasion regarding the tourist area Simalem Park located in North Sumatra. Therefore, if you have a plan to visit North Sumatra, don’t miss the opportunity to take a trip to Taman Wisata Simalem, which can give you a different feel and sensation when traveling. Hopefully the above reviews can provide useful information and can be a reference for you while on vacation.