Sigandu Beach Tourist Attractions with Batang Dolphin Center in Batang, the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – One of the tourist attractions that is the highlight of Batang Regency is Sigandu Beach. Sigandu Beach is located not far from Batang City, the distance from Batang City maybe only about 4 km. Sigandu Beach is really a tourist location developed by the local government. This can be seen by the construction of many facilities in this Sigandu Beach tourist area. Various facilities that have been built for the needs of visitors include toilets, prayer rooms, large parking lots, gazebos, flying fox, atv etc. Even in the tourist area of ​​Sigandu Beach, Dolphins Center Batang has also been built, which is a dolphin breeding and show center.

The beauty of Sigandu Beach Tourism

This family tourism in the form of a beach in Batang Regency has its own beauty so that it attracts many tourists from both Batang Regency itself and from other regions. The most important beauty is the beauty of the sunrises. At Sigandu Beach you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise, but of course to enjoy it you have to come earlier before sunrise. But if you don’t have time to enjoy the sunrise on Sigandu Beach, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery on Sigandu Beach during the day. Along the Sigandu Beach, there are dozens of pine trees which make the beach cooler. Between the pine trees, there are many benches that visitors can use. If you are thirsty or hungry, around the Sigandu Beach location there are also many stalls that serve a variety of cold drinks and snacks.

Sigandu Beach Tour

Dolphins Center Batang

The beauty of Sigandu Beach in Batang feels very complete with the presence of Dolphins Center Batang. Dolphins Center Batang is a facility provided by Taman Safari Indonesia. Dolphins Center Batang is a place for dolphin training and attraction performances. However, the show is only done at certain hours. In addition to performances at the Dolphins Center Batang it is also used as a breeding ground for dolphins. Dolphins Center Batang is also equipped with a fish aquarium, a turtle pond, and a mini zoo with a variety of animal collections, including leopards, sun bears, zebras, waterbuck, lama, emu, etc.

Dolphins Center Batang

Dolphins Center Batang

Here are the shows at Dolphins Center Batang

  1. Mini Safari, namely Wahana to get to know Indonesia’s rare animals and wildlife from 5 continents.
  2. Feeding Time is an activity to accompany animal caretakers to feed wild animals.
  3. The Aquarium Reptile Palka, namely Wahana, knows various types of fish, reptiles and snakes.
  4. Dolphis Show is a dolphin show vehicle to see their habits in their natural habitat.
  5. Swimming With Dolphins, namely interacting directly with swimming with dolphins.
  6. Various Animal Show, namely a vehicle for various animal shows with a storyline.
  7. A wide variety of games.

Dolphins Center Batang dolphin show schedule

  1. Birds of prey: 10:00 hours; 14.00; WIB
  2. Various Dolphins: 11.00 hours; 13.00; 15.00; WIB

Dolphins Center Batang entrance ticket price is Rp. 25,000, –

Dolphins Center Batang Facilities:

  • Free Dolphins and Birds of Prey Show
  • Free Mini Safari Tour
  • Swimming with dolphins and mentally retarded child therapy Rp. 250,000, – / 30 minutes
  • Feed the animals Rp. 5,000, –

Animal photos at Dolphins Center Batang

  • Older Brother Bird Rp. 5,000, –
  • Snake Rp. 10,000, –
  • Forest people Rp. 10,000, –
  • Dolphins Rp. 10,000, –

Horseback Riding at Dolphins Center Batang

  • Horse Rp. 10,000, –
  • Camel Rp. 10,000, –

Location of Sigandu Batang Beach

Location Sigandu Beach is in Klidang Lor Village, Batang District, Batang Regency. To reach it is not difficult because the location is four kilometers north of Batang Square.

Thus was various information about the beauty of the tourist attractions of Sigandu Beach in Batang Regency which are famous for their natural beauty and the very unique Batang Dolphins Center.
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