Si Pelot Malang Beach Tour, The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot – If you visit Malang, there is one natural charm behind the cliffs that you must see and you must find. The natural charm hidden behind this cliff is found in the Si Pelot Malang Beach tour.

There you will see a natural paradise. You will get peace, beauty, exoticism and clarity of sea water. However, it takes stamina to visit this Si Pelot Malang Beach tour. And you are also important to prepare a fit motorbike because to get there you need an excellent vehicle. Then, what exactly is the tourist attraction of Si Pelot Beach Malang? Here is the complete information for you!

The tourist attraction of Si Pelot Beach Malang

Si Pelot Beach Malang

The tourist attraction of Sipelot Malang Beach is a beach in Malang which has a wide and long stretch of white sand. The stretch of sand extends with a lake-like curve, making the panorama even more beautiful.

When you visit the Si Pelot Beach tourist attraction in Malang, besides you can enjoy the beach atmosphere, you can also rent a canoe from the residents there to wade around the beach atmosphere equipped with really beautiful blue sea water. Besides the beach atmosphere, you can also watch other tours near this place, namely the waterfall tour known as cuban si Pelot.

What visitors like most about Pelot’s natural beach tourism is its unbeatable natural charm, especially when the sunset greets, wow it is very suitable to be a photography spot.

Access to the beach tourism Si Pelot Malang, you can go to the Pujiharjo area, Tirtoyudo district, Dampit with access roads that have been paved. You can use a motorbike or private car by taking a winding road because it surrounds the hills. Historically, here is indeed a stopover place so that until now it has also been a fairly busy place on the Malang South Coast.

To get to Si Pelot Malang Beach, you can take an interesting trip from the city to this area. Where along the way you will see a lot of interesting views from banana gardens, coffee plantations to shady stretches of shrimp ponds and add to the beautiful and natural impression around the road to Si Pelot Beach tour. Even though the road is winding, when you arrive at Si Pelot Malang Beach, then all the tiring trips you take will pay off with the natural beauty that exists.
Interested in enjoying an exciting and challenging trip to Si Pelot Beach Malang? Come on, let’s go on vacation to Si Pelot Beach Malang. Hopefully the information we provide above about Si Pelot Malang Beach Tourism is useful.