Semarang Old Town Tourist Attractions, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Each city must have a historical story that is closely related to the past and actually sucks many tourists to be able to enjoy it. Like in Semarang, there is an old city that keeps old stories that can still be seen clearly. If we study the history of this old city which was once the center of the economy and culture of the people of Central Java. This old city has also become a silent witness to the position of government during the Dutch East Indies era as well as an ethnic culture that blends peacefully in one area. You can see that on the north side there is a beautiful Malay village with a building in the form of a Layur Mosque or a Tower Mosque equipped with Kali Mberok flow. To the west side, we will see a Javanese Islamic village complete with a Kauman mosque. You can also feel Chinese nuances when we look to the south side of the Semarang Chinatown. Blenduk Church is an interesting and unique building because the design of this building is rarely encountered anywhere and has become the old city center on the inside.

Semarang Old Town Tourist Attractions as if it does not imply an old city, because here are found many offices in the business sector so that the development of this city is so fast. Unfortunately the rental price in Kota Lama is already expensive, so it has been diverted to Simpang Lima and Peterongan. Kota Lama which is located on Jl. Lt. Gen. Soeprapto Semarang has 5 interesting tourist objects that cannot be missed, 5 tourist spots in Semarang Old City Tourist Attractions, including:

1. Polder Air Tawang

Polder Air Tawang

When at Tawang station you will see the discharge of water into the sea to avoid the occurrence of ROB. But now it has been renovated several times so that it is not like before, which is still in bad condition because it gives off a foul smell. Don’t worry, because now it doesn’t smell bad anymore, it’s actually an interesting spot here.

2. Blenduk Church

Blenduk Church

It has been explained earlier, so if you walk 10 meters from the west side you will see a 200-year-old building that is very much loved by the people of Semarang because it has become an icon here besides Tugu Muda, Tugu Sewu, and the Grand Mosque of Central Java.

3. Praoe Lajar Cigarette Factory

  Praoe Lajar Cigarette Factory

In the third position there is a building that has become the pace of business in the Polder area, precisely on Jalan Merak, which is a cigarette factory which is still operating until now even though it has existed since the days of the Dutch East Indies. This sturdy building is a cigarette-producing factory whose name we rarely hear and even rarely appears on TV, but you who are smokers can try it here.

4. The Middle Area of ​​the Old City

Old Town Middle Area

An area in the middle between Jalan Garuda, Jalan Glatik, and Jalan Jend. Soeprapto, who is always packed with photography lovers because of the beauty of the old city, is reflected at this point. There is also a place to sit to relax or pose with the added effect of the night lights here. This clean area also has traders selling food ranging from cat rice (sego Kucing), fried rice, Cianjur grilled fish, and other delicious specialties.

5. Tawang Station

Tawang Station

This historical heritage building that took 6 years because it was built starting June 16, 1864 and completed on February 10, 1870. This old building was inaugurated by the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies named Baron Sloet Van de Beele. This building is a replacement building for the old station, Jalan Taman Lawang, which is the work of the Nederlandsche Indische Spoorweg Maatschsrij (NIS) with the help of JP de Bordes architecture, who is a Dutch man. The station, which carries an indische design in a tropical area, serves routes to Semarang-Yogyakarta-Solo.

Not only 5 tourist objects, because there are some that you should not miss to visit, namely the Menara Mosque on Jl. Layur or Kampung Melayu, the Great Kauman Mosque on Jl. Semarang City Square, and Pasar Johar which will spoil you to hunt for Semarang souvenirs. For visitors who want to vacation here for more than one day, they can stay at several hotels around the Old City of Semarang with a distance of about 300-600 meters from the Old City which you can order first by online booking hotels in the form of Agoda. Then where is the location of the Kota Lama Semarang Tourist Attractions? You can go to Kota Lama from anywhere, for example from Demak it only takes 1 hour to get through Jalan Raden Patah to Semarang. Those from Ungaran can take a route starting from Banyumanik-Peterongan-Jl. MT. Haryono-Mbubakan Roundabout-Jl. Cendrawasih and immediately departed for Kota Lama, this trip will only last less than 50 minutes. And those who access from the west can pass Mangkang-Kali Banteng Roundabout-Tugu Muda-Lawang Sewu Roundabout-Jalan Pemuda-Johar Market-take a left and will immediately arrive at the Old City.
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