Central Java Grand Mosque Semarang with Magnificent Architecture, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – If you go to Central Java for a vacation, make sure the Grand Mosque is one of your destinations. Built from 2001, and in 2006 the entire building of this mosque has been completed. You can see the unique architectural style applied to this mosque, where the architecture is indeed a combination of Arabic, Roman and Javanese style architecture. The building is also truly magnificent. The mosque, which is the pride of the people of Central Java, was built in the city of Semarang. Many groups of tourists who took the time to stop by the Grand Mosque of Central Java because in addition to rest and prayer, they can also enjoy architecture. Central Java Grand Mosque which is very unique.

Semarang Central Java Grand Mosque

History of the Grand Mosque of Central Java

Central Java Grand Mosque or commonly abbreviated as MAJT is still closely related to the Great Mosque of Kauman Semarang. The beginning of the construction of MAJT, namely from the land of the donation of the Great Mosque of Kauman Semarang, which has returned after a long period of no news. The point is that there is a problem with the land waqf until finally after many parties have struggled to return the banda waqf now MAJT has been built on it. So indeed MAJT development is not that easy, it requires struggle. The inauguration of the MAJT building was carried out by Pak Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the president of Indonesia, it was inaugurated on 14/11/2006. Although on November 14, 2006 the MAJT was just inaugurated, but previously it was used as a place of worship for Friday prayers starting March 19, 2004.

Central Java Grand Mosque in Semarang

This magnificent mosque is not only functioned as a place of worship for Muslims, but also a center of activity, a place for education, religious activities, and also a religious tourism object. Because of that, MAJT is very well known to various regions, as well as abroad. Some parts of MAJT can become a magnet for tourists, what are those parts?

  1. The stick of the Khatib. This is the stick given by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah from Brunei Darussalam.
  2. Giant drum replica. Although only a replica, this giant drum certainly attracts tourists, because in other places you may not be able to find it. The drum replica is made using Australian ox skin, measuring 310 x 220 cm. Those who contributed to making this giant drum replica were students from the Alfalah Mangunsari Islamic Boarding School from Jatilawang, Banyumas – West Java.
  3. Auditorium. What’s quite cool about the facilities provided at MAJT is an auditorium that can accommodate up to 2000 people. This auditorium is located on the right side of the mosque wing. Usually the auditorium is used to organize weddings, exhibition venues, and other important events.
  4. Office space and library. Meanwhile, on the left side of the mosque wing, there are office space facilities and a library for the public. Tourists may use this facility.
  5. The giant Quran. Besides the giant drum, there is also a giant Al Quran measuring 145 x 95 cm2. This giant Al Quran is placed in the main room which is the place for prayer.
  6. Central Java Grand Mosque Tower or Asma Al-Husna Tower. The tower with a height of 99 m is also quite interesting and multifunctional. What’s interesting if you climb to the 19th floor, on this floor there are binoculars (Gardu Pandang) to see the city of Semarang more clearly.
  7. Central Java Grand Mosque umbrella which is electric. The next facility is 6 automatic giant umbrellas. Electric umbrellas, 14 m in diameter and 20 m in height, are always open during Friday prayers. This Central Java Grand Mosque umbrella can be opened and closed depending on needs. This kind of umbrella is made like the one in the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

Image of Central Java Grand Mosque

Here are some pictures of the Great Mosque of Central Java:

Semarang Central Java Grand Mosque

Semarang Central Java Grand Mosque

Semarang Central Java Grand Mosque

Entrance Ticket Prices for the Great Mosque of Central Java

Basically, the Grand Mosque of Central Java is a place of worship for Muslims, so if you enter it you will not be charged. However, there are some parts of the Great Mosque of Central Java, which must pay a certain fee to enter. The entrance ticket to the MAJT Asmaul Husna Tower is Rp. 3,000, and becomes Rp. 4,000 after 17.30. To use a pair of binoculars, you will be subject to another fee of IDR 500.00 to IDR 1,000.00 / binocular. This rate is not binding.

Address of the Great Mosque of Central Java

Finally, if you and your family want to visit the Great Mosque of Central Java, you can go directly to the address of the Central Java Grand Mosque on Jl. Gajah Raya, Sambirejo Village, Semarang. GPS location is: -6.984533,110.447445.

So many articles about the Great Mosque of Central Java, a mosque in Semarang with a very magnificent architecture. Have a good vacation.

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