Selong Belanak Beach Tourist Attractions in Lombok You Must Visit, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Lombok is one of the islands in Indonesia which has always been the main destination for holidays besides Bali Island. Indeed, Lombok also does not want to be less competitive with the existing natural scenery, maybe for you you already know many tourist attractions in Lombok which are very beautiful. Now this time we will discuss tourist attractions on Selong Belanak Beach which will provide peace, tranquility, and peace with the open air that cannot be found anywhere. Selong Belanak Beach stands out with the shape of the coastline resembling a crescent moon, which makes it even more beautiful on the milky white sand. At each end of the curved coastline are green hills which add to the exotic level here. Selong Belanak Beach located on Jl. Selong Belanak, Mataram District, Lombok Regency, which has a cliff with a length of 1,000 meters, directly stares at the Indian Ocean. This coastal area is inhabited by local residents who inhabit a quarter of the total area of ​​this area, where there are 40 fishermen who every day look for catches in the sea.

Selong Belanak Beach Tourist Attractions in Lombok

Selong Belanak Beach in Lombok

Selong Belanak Beach in Lombok

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Because there are many fishermen here, it will automatically create obstacles to carry out water activities while here. But don’t be disappointed just yet, because you can do water activities on the north side which will present the beauty of the clear, calm sea water. You can relax while sunbathing and you can even rent a boat to sail while fishing. Another sight that we don’t find in cities is where on this beach you will see cheerful faces who are ready to help their parents who are about to go to sea, they live simply but not the slightest sadness radiates from their faces. Here you will feel very jealous to see the harmony of families who are always happy and encourage one another, as evidenced by the husband who prepares his boat and nets to go out to sea, while his wife who always awaits her husband’s arrival after going to sea gives smiles and warm welcome and brought together the catch brought by her husband.

This beach is not widely known by many people, that’s why the benefits will arise. You can enjoy the natural beauty that is away from the crowds, so you can spend your vacation in peace and quiet. When not in the holiday season, tourists can interact directly with local residents while helping and seeing the fishermen who are busy preparing to go to sea. Although this beach is still empty of visitors, there are inns, restaurants, and cafeterias that have a large parking area. Don’t ever forget to taste Lombok’s specialties, which are cheap, but the delicacy is still a mainstay, namely fish satay.

Selong Belanak Beach Travel Tips

1. You should ask people around the area for directions to beach tourism in Lombok more often, because of the lack of directions here.
2. Seeing that the terrain is quite difficult, it is advisable to drive a group car or public transportation rather than a motorbike. Because if you use a motorbike, you have to go at a stable speed, especially when entering a distance of 15 km before arriving at the beach area.
3. Don’t want your skin to turn black? So you should use sunblock, hat, glasses, so you don’t get direct exposure to the hot sun.
4. Do not use footwear when touching the sand, because there will be friction on the skin of the feet which will cause blisters.

Route to Selong Belanak Beach

You will take a 1 hour 30 minute journey starting from Mataram City-Lombok International Airport route-Jami ‘Panunjak mosque-take a south direction to arrive at Selong Belanak Beach. The terrain is pretty good, but it will be a little different when you enter a distance of 15 km before arriving at the beach, because the terrain on the road to be traversed has inclines and descents. But don’t be afraid, as long as you can focus on the road and keep the vehicle speed stable, and especially the view of the journey on your left and right which is full of tobacco fields will keep you energized.

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