Red Island Beach Tourism in Banyuwangi Its beauty makes you amazed, the most beautiful tourist spot – Hello, traveler, how far has your trip been. Have explored tours Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi fun for this family vacation.

Banyuwangi Red Island Beach, from the name alone sounds unique. Named Red Island Beach does not mean that the sea water or the sand on the beach is red. But because there is a small hill in the middle of the sea not far from the beach, it has red soil and when it is late in the afternoon this beach will look a little red. So that’s the name of the leading beach in Banywangi, according to the news that was spread.
Red Island Beach located at the southern tip of Banyuwangi, precisely in Sumber Agung Village, Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Banyuwangi Regency. The route to the beach of the red island of Banyuwangi is not difficult, the transportation and roads that are passed are very good.

Red Island Beach Tourism in Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach it has a very wide stretch of soft white sand. The panorama around the beach is really beautiful. Not far from the shoreline, there is a small hill that is very beautiful and stunning, in the eastern part visitors will be presented with a view of the mountains that are plastered, then in the western part there is a beautiful sunset view that is very pleasing to the eye, just amazing the sunset! Not only that, the view of the waves at a good tourist spot in Banyuwangi really attracts the attention of tourists who come. Waves on Red Island Beach known as one of the best surf spots in Banywangi.

Interesting Activities on the Red Island Beach of Banyuwangi

There are several interesting activities you can do on Pulau Merah Beach including:

1. Playing sand on the Red Island of Banyuwangi

Visiting any beach doesn’t feel perfect without playing with sand. Likewise, on this Red Island beach, you can play as much sand as you like, moreover, the soft sand is the unique thing that the Pulau Merah beach has.

2. Surfing on the Red Island Beach of Banyuwangi

Wave condition on Red Island Beach very suitable for tourists who like surfing (surfing). Surf spots for beginners to professionals are widely available, besides that on this beach there are also not many rocks so it is quite safe to play surfing. When you travel to this beach, don’t be surprised if you meet a lot of world surfers. Because the waves in this orphanage are so exciting to beat.

On this beach, there are many complete surfing equipment rental services available, so don’t worry if you don’t have surfing equipment or are lazy to bring your surfing equipment when traveling to this beach. You just need to rent it. Because of the busy surfing activities on this beach, beach managers usually hold routine surfing activities / events every year involving participants from various countries.

3. Snorkeling at Pulau Merah Beach, Banyuwangi

Snorkeling activities are also very exciting to do at Red Island Beach this. To be able to snorkel, you can use your own equipment or you can rent snorkeling equipment available around the beach. The price for renting snorkeling equipment at this beach is not as expensive as the rental places in general, you know.

4. Fishing on the Red Island Beach of Banyuwangi

Fishing isn’t a hard thing to do at Red Island Beach, by utilizing traditional fisherman forest services, which can be rented. You can comb the seaside to channel your fishing hobby. But remember you have to bring your own fishing rod, because there is no fishing equipment rental available in Pulau Merah. When fishing around the waters, you will not only get lots of fish but also new experiences and unique photo spots.

5. Climbing the hill at Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi

You can choose to climb a small hill in the middle of the sea not far from the shoreline to add to the excitement of traveling on Red Island Beach. You can do this when the sea is receding, just walk to the middle of the sea and you will find a small hill that you can climb. From the hill, you can see the beauty and exoticism Red Island Beach a feast for the eyes.

6. Enjoying typical Banyuwangi culinary / snacks

After doing various beach activities that are draining and physical, you can enjoy food and drinks as well as other culinary dishes available around Pulau Merah beach to recharge your energy. There are many dishes that you can eat, for example rujak soto, rujak bakso, rawon, and other specialties.

7. Bathing on the Red Island Beach of Banyuwangi

Visitors can take a shower or play water to their heart’s content provided that the weather is good and when the waves are no more than 2 meters high. If more, the only activity that can be done is surfing. Even then, it is only allowed for professionals.
Security on Pulau Merah Beach is considered to be one of the most prioritized aspects, as evidenced by the presence of several officers who guard and secure and are alert in case of an accident or something unwanted, especially for tourists who swim and surf on the beach.

Red Island Beach Tourism in Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach Tourism in Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach Tourism in Banyuwangi

Ticket prices for Banyuwangi Red Island

Before being able to enter the tourist area to enjoy all its charms, visitors who come are required to pay / buy an entrance ticket first. The ticket price for Banyuwangi Red Island is only Rp. 8,000 / person (subject to change from time to time). Ticket prices are very cheap, when compared to the beauty of the scenery and the excitement of traveling that you will get on the Red Island beach.

Facilities on the Red Island Beach Banywangi

The facilities available on this beach are quite adequate.
> Rescue (life Guard)
> Tower of View to see the view
> Tool rental. Like surfing equipment, snorkeling and even attention are already available there
> Sunbeds
> Food stalls
> Ample parking
> Adequate toilet / rinse area
> Lodging

Tips for traveling on the Red Island Beach

So that your tour is on Red Island Beach this was fun and memorable, there are some travel tips / rules that you must obey.

Ø Do not litter in the beach and sea area
In order to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of tourist attractions, throw away the trash in its place. If it is difficult to find a trash can, first bag the trash to throw it away when you find the trash can on the way home from the beach.

Ø Pay attention to safety
You who want to play water or do other beach activities. We recommend that you pay attention to the level of security first. Especially for those who bring their children, make sure your child is in your care.

That’s a short tour review Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi fun place for family vacation. Don’t wait for anything else, immediately plan your trip to a place as beautiful, as beautiful, as attractive as Pulau Warna Beach.