List of Recommended Hotels in Batang, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – There are many great tourist attractions around Batang, Pekalongan, Pemalang and Tegal Regencies. Some tourist attractions in this area include Sigandu Beach, Guci Hot Spring, etc. To spend a pleasant vacation, it is better if you plan your vacation as well as possible. Don’t just take a day off and spend the holidays with your friends or family. Now to complete your tour, here we will share information on hotels in Batang Regency. You can make this hotel in Batang Regency as a transit overnight if you want to travel in Batang Regency and its surroundings. The following is List of Hotels in Batang Recommended.

List of hotels in Batang Regency

1. Sendang Sari Hotel

Sendang Sari Hotel

Location of Hotel Sendang Sari: Jalan Jend. Sudirman 29 Batang, Central Java
Hotel Sendang Sari is a 2-star hotel which is fairly comfortable. There are two types of rooms that can be booked online, namely the super deluxe room type with a rate of Rp. 304,814.00 and the type of suite room at a rate of Rp. 355,616.00. This price includes breakfast too. With this high enough price for a 2-star class hotel, you can enjoy several premium facilities, such as an indoor swimming pool. Other facilities include meeting rooms, ballroom, room service and wireless internet. The best thing about Sendang Sari hotel is its location which is close to various entertainment venues, namely the Genting Forest Waterfall, the Sacred People amusement park, and also the Negoro Ujung beach.

2. Hotel Dewi Ratih

Dewi Ratih Hotel

Location of Dewi Ratih Hotel: Jalan Urip Sumoharjo, Proyonanggan Village, Batang District, 51211
Indeed, in the Bratang area there are not so many alternative hotel choices. Apart from Sendang Sari, the next hotel in Batang is the Dewi Ratih hotel. Judging from the exterior this hotel looks quite magnificent. The following are choices of room types and prices:

· Suite 390,000
· Deluxe 320,000
· Moderate 295,000
· Special 190,000 AC
· Standard family 155,000
· Standard TV 105,000

For additional extra differences, a rate of 100,000 will be charged, extra bed for non AC rooms 40,000, and additional blankets and 25,000 pillows. The facilities provided by this 1-star hotel include a parking area, internet connection, air conditioning, meeting rooms and a restaurant.

3. Hotel Yudhistira

Yudhistira Hotel Location: Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Kasepuhan, Batang District, Kab. Rod 51216
Similar to Dewi Ratih hotel, Yudhistira hotel is also a 1-star hotel. Here are the choices of room types and prices:

· Drive in 330,000
· Deluxe 290,000
· Moderate 270,000
· Special AC 248,000

For extra extra bed at Yudhistira hotel, you will be charged IDR 100,000.00. All prices above are subject to change at any time. Prices include welcome drink, tax, service, and breakfast. The facilities provided include a restaurant, meeting room, bathroom equipped with hot water, spring bed, central video, color TV, minibar, telephone, and split AC.
That’s a list of hotels in the Batang area that we can collect. You may choose one of the three hotels, whichever suits your budget. The facilities are not too different, and the cleanliness is also maintained. So the three hotels really recommend all.
Additional info

For the first hotel, Sendang Sari hotel, the hotel provides a special website. You can see photos of existing hotels and facilities. That way, you can get a better picture of the interior and atmosphere of the hotel. The official website is at
You can put the hotels in Batang above on the itinary list, compared to being confused after arriving there and looking for a hotel. You might not get a hotel at all, especially if you leave during the holiday season, where hotels are usually full if you check in suddenly, not far away. So many articles about the list of hotels in Batang recommend, not just a place to sleep, hopefully it’s useful.
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