Pari Island Tourism, Jakarta. Favorite tourist destination in the capital, the most beautiful tourist spot – Pari Island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for Jakarta residents. For residents of Jakarta and its surroundings, the name Pari Island is no longer strange to hear, because this tourist spot in the Thousand Islands is one of the favorite destinations for Jakarta residents. The beauty of the beach panorama on Pari Island is still very beautiful and cool. Apart from residents of Jakarta and its surroundings, there are still not many tourists who know the hidden beauty behind the island. on Pari Island you can find a beach called Virgin Beach, here you will be presented with a lagoon or sea area which is very calm and has a depth of up to 5 meters. The lagoon is surrounded by small islands and rocks along the edge of the Slope. so calm sea water here, makes tourists more complacent about the beauty and beauty of the beach.

Pari Island Tourism Jakarta

Another uniqueness that you can find at Pari Island is to have many basins on the land that function as a reservoir for rainwater that falls to the surface, so that the water on Pari Island becomes fresh, in contrast to other islands which can only have brackish water. For this reason, in Pari Island you can see various kinds of plants that you usually encounter in rural areas such as Banana Trees, Mango Trees, Palm Trees, Pine Trees, Guava Trees, and many more. and very very different from other islands which only have mangrove plants.

Pari Island is divided into two areas, where the two areas have different functions, in the eastern part, it is a large coastal area, while the western part is the settlement of local residents. Residents on Pari Island are very friendly to tourists who are visiting the island, even though the island is already inhabited by residents, Pari Island is not as busy as Pramuka Island and Tidung Island. Because the atmosphere is still quite quiet and beautiful, making Pari Island is perfect for those of you who want to relax while enjoying the beauty of beautiful beaches.

Actually, Pari Island tourism is not a special place for tourism, so there are not many homestays on Pari Island provided by the developer. But don’t worry, tourists who want to spend the night there can set up a tent on the beach, or can also rent a resident’s house which is currently used as a homestay. If you want to get around the island, you can walk along the coast on foot or by using a bicycle that is available at the rental place there. The island is not very wide, so you will only take about 1 hour to get around the island. At inns owned by local residents, you will also be offered a variety of foods with a price per proportion of around 25 thousand, so you don’t have to worry anymore if you have to find a restaurant on another island. It’s really fun when you mingle with the people there.

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Because Pari Island is one of the favorite tours in Jakarta, many travel agencies have made this Pari Island Jakarta travel package. There are several that provide Pari Island tour packages with various prices and types of packages. That is the info about Pari Island, Jakarta, a favorite tourist destination in the capital. Hope it is useful.