Panorama and Culinary on Popoh Beach Tulungagung, East Java, The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Here is a beach tour in Tulungagung, East Java which is famous for its panoramic enjoyment and culinary delights. Where else, if it’s not at Popoh Beach Tulungagung that we don’t enjoy enough with just a day, it’s guaranteed that you will be far from satisfied, for that usually tourists can linger here for around 2-3 days. This beach tourist spot, which is located in Tulungagung Regency, offers a very charming panoramic beauty of open nature with quite large waves coupled with a green view from behind a hill that you can climb to see the breadth of Popoh beach tourist attractions that are not blocked by anything from the top of the hill. The fee for entering the Popoh beach tourism area is very cheap, because it is only IDR 3,000 for one person but does not include vehicle parking. On the same coastline, there is one beach that is no less charming and especially free, namely Sidem Beach. Sidem Beach will provide a view of the activities of fishermen along the 500 meter coastline as well as lots of trees growing, making the atmosphere here very comfortable and soothing. Besides being able to surf and snorkel here, you can also help local residents who are busy hunting small crabs to feed their ducks. It is recommended that you come to Popoh Beach during the month of Suro or Muharram, because there will be routine activities every year in the form of the Labuh Semboyo ritual. In Popoh Beach who have access to asphalt roads but many of these turns will be made offerings that are carried out to sea.

Popoh Beach Tulungagung, East Java

Popoh Beach Tulungagung, East Java

Culinary delights at Popoh Beach Tulungagung

Now one of the mandatory activities while on the beach is of course sitting and relaxing while eating fresh and delicious seafood. Likewise in this Tulungagung Beach Popoh Tour, there is a shop that must be stopped to fill your rumbling stomach, to be precise at Warung Mak Yah by featuring a menu of shrimp and crab served with sweet and sour sauce. The interesting thing is, other dining places cook with modern equipment, but it is different here, because at the Mak Yah food stall it will be cooked directly through the stove with charcoal and the mainstay of kitchen ingredients from Warung Mak Yah. One more thing, it is incomplete if you eat without sweating due to spiciness, here is one type of sambal that is super duper blasting your tongue and constantly wanting to eat this one chili sauce, namely Bledhek (lightning) sambal. After a full stomach, it’s time to make your hands full of souvenirs that must be brought home. Near the Mak Yahakan stall stands a row of souvenir stalls selling all the handicraft knick-knacks of marine objects and t-shirts and other souvenirs directly from Tulungagung.

Tulungagung marble craft center

When you head to the Popoh beach tourist destination, you will definitely see an area called Campurdarat which has the biggest marble craftsmen in East Java. Precisely in the limestone village you can see firsthand the process of making handicrafts made from marble which is unique and of high artistic value.

Hotels Around Popoh Beach Tulungagung

Because I said at the beginning, if you enjoy the Popoh beach tourist location, it’s not enough if it’s just a day, for that, stay at an inn that is already available in the Popoh Beach area with a variety of hotels that you can choose according to your taste. If you are afraid of running out of rooms, then you should book the room you need through the Agoda online site.

Popoh Beach Tulungagung route

You can visit here via Kota Mojokerto-Jombang-Kertosono-Kediri-Tulungagung, or through Malang City which departs from Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Malang-Kepanjen-Wingi-Blitar-Tulungagung. Both routes can be reached by private or public transportation.
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