Pangandaran Ciamis Beach, the most beautiful tourist spot – West Java beach, named Pangandaran Beach, has no doubt about its beauty. This has been proven by many tourists who always come here every holiday season. I don’t know what makes them always come back and come back here to enjoy the black sand, greeted by the waves that amaze everyone who looks at it. Pangandaran Ciamis Beach Tourist Attractions You can enjoy its beauty from one of the routine activities of the local residents’ mutual cooperation in transporting the fish caught by the fishermen to the beach. Truly an activity that has a very positive influence and must be maintained in order to remain. Walking along the beach while feeling the texture of the sand on your feet is a common activity, but you can ride a bike for rent around the beach. The activities offered here will accompany your more exciting vacation time, from swimming, taking a cruise, fishing, parasailing, to playing jetski. Interestingly, around the beach there are rows of neatly arranged rickshaws that will be ready to take tourists back to the inn. If you are in West Java, immediately head to Pananjung Village, Pangandaran District, Ciamis Regency to enjoy the famous beach in various circles.

Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis, West Java

Pangandaran Ciamis Beach, West Java

Pangandaran Ciamis Beach, West Java

Pangandaran Ciamis Beach, West Java

Retribution for Pangandaran Ciamis Beach Tourist Attractions

1. Pedestrians @ people Rp.3,000.00
2. Motorcycle Rp. 7,000.00
3. Jeep or sedan Rp. 28,000.00
4. Car Carry IDR 35,000.00
5. Large capacity vehicle Rp. 40,700.00
6. Mini bus Rp. 80,000.00
7. Medium bus IDR 104,000.00
8. Big Bus Rp. 169,000.00

3 Spot Primadona on Pangandaran Beach

1. Pananjung Beach

Located on the west side which offers friendly waves with a green background of hilly forest which is a protected area for animals such as monkeys, deer, and others. Which beach is as complete as Pananjung beach, because here you can see a natural cave and there is also a cave made by the Japanese army during World War II which was used as a bunker. One more thing that adds to the completeness of the existing beauty is that there is a beautiful waterfall that must take a hill climb, besides the waterfall you can also see the vast expanse of beautiful Pananjung beach from the top of the hill.

2. East Coast
In the second position there is the East coast where this beach will spoil tourists with seafood delights that you must try. Starting from food stalls to restaurants serving the mainstay menu made from seafood that is deliberately displayed in the window, so that every new visitor will feel very hungry and want to try all the available food. Here is also equipped with a fish market, to make it easier for visitors to shop for fresh fish to bring home. After a full stomach, there is nothing wrong with playing jetski and banana boat that are offered here.

3. Souvenir shopping
So if you want to go back to your respective cities, then it won’t be good if you don’t buy typical souvenirs here. You can head straight to some of the souvenir shops here that offer t-shirts, hats, shorts, and swimsuits. For art lovers, here also provides beautiful and interesting knick-knacks made from shells and others. If craft souvenirs have been obtained, then this one should not be left behind, namely Jambal Roti (salted fish).

Hotels around Pangandaran Beach

The hotels here are very complete, ranging from ordinary inns to well-known hotels starting from The Arnawa Hotel, Sun In Pangandaran Hotel, and Pondok Wulan Guesthouse which you can order online via Agoda.

Route to Pangandaran Beach

For Jakarta residents who want to come here, they have to prepare Rp. 60,000.00 for non-AC buses and Rp. 80,000.00 for AC buses that will depart from Kampung Rambutan Terminal to Pangandaran every 1 hour, about 7 hours of travel. You can also travel to Pangandaran by flying with the aim of Nusawiru Pangandaran Airport from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. Now for Bandung residents who want to go to Pangandaran by public transportation, they can use the bus from the Cicaheum Bus Terminal which will immediately go to Pangandaran, some are only up to Ciamis or Banjar. But don’t worry because you can continue your next trip by switching to another vehicle.

That was a little information about Pangandaran Ciamis Beach Tourist Attractions which have a truly enchanting natural view. If you have never been here, then immediately make a travel plan to the most beautiful beach in West Java, guaranteed not to lose because in this place there will be many tourist spots that you can explore.
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