Tourism Pancur Beach, Banyuwangi, The Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Alas Purwo National Park in Banyuwangi does indeed contain many amazing things even though its location is in a remote place. One of the amazing things that Alas Purwo National Park has is the Pancur Beach tour. There you will find hidden natural exoticism.
Pancur Beach Tourism is not far from Pancur Resort which is a resort building and guard post. You can stay here when you visit Pancur Beach. The distance between Rowobendo post or the entrance to Alas Purwo National Park is only about 5 meters, while from Trianggulasi it is only about 3 km. What is the exotic nature of Pancur Beach tourism? Here’s the information for you!

The exoticism of Pancur Beach, Banyuwangi

The name Pancur Beach comes from the existence of a small, fresh water river which directly meets the sea water on this beach. This river flow is also quite unique because it resembles a small waterfall so that it is called a pancur which means fountain or shower.
This river flows all the time so it looks like a real waterfall. The location of this waterfall-like river flow is beside the stairs to the beach. The natural scenery offered by Pancur Beach is also of course so stunning. Very exotic anyway. And the long stretch of white sand is decorated with rocks of various sizes on several sides. In addition, green moss on the rocks adds color to this Pancur Beach. You can also take a walk on the beach enjoying the waves that lick your feet and enjoy the soft sand.

The sea water at Pancur Beach is clear blue which is very calming. With a sloping beach contour, this beach is also quite safe for children. They can play freely on the beach without worrying that big waves will drag them down.

Around Pancur Beach, there are also dense trees that can also be used as shelter and provide a very cool green color. The colors that Pancur Beach has to offer are also a very good sight for your camera lens. If you look, around the beach there are also monkeys passing by and getting ready to ask you to share food with them. Don’t be afraid because the monkeys do not like to snatch but only ask. So that you are not afraid and do not feel disturbed, it’s a good idea to prepare peanuts for them

That’s a little tourist information that we can provide this time. Hopefully the information we provided above regarding the exoticism of the Pancur Banyuwangi Beach Tourism is useful. Have a good vacation.