Omah Kayu Malang Tourism, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Want an exciting tour in Malang, but you are still confused about where to go? If so, there’s nothing wrong if you swerve from the center of Malang to Batu Malang. In Batu Malang, there is a unique tour with a very exotic natural charm and of course you must visit. The tour is the Omah Kayu Malang tour.

Here you can see how beautiful the tree house is like in the movies. You can see shady trees with cool nature and very distinctive mountain views here and at the same time you can make photography objects here. Want to know more information about Omah Kayu Malang tourism? Immediately, let’s see the complete information below!

The exoticism of Omah Kayu Malang Tourism

Omah Kayu Malang Tour

Omah Kayu Malang Tour

Do you want an exciting tour that offers the impression of being one with nature? Just come to the tour Omah Kayu Malang. Here is a different atmosphere than you will find. You can also stay at Omah Kayu Malang.

Why on the Omah Kayu Malang tour will you get a different stay experience than others? This is because here you do not stay in a star hotel with modern facilities, but here you will be invited to be closer to nature while experiencing the feeling of staying overnight in a tree house with a view of the millions of stars. Where the building is also above the tree. Also complete with warm water facilities. Anyway, it will be very exciting for you to spend the night here. You will feel the atmosphere like in the jungle – an adventurous style of forest.

Tourism Location of Omah Kayu Malang

Regarding its location, this unique tourist spot is located close to the Gunung Banyak paragliding spot, Songgokerto, Batu, Malang. The location is made between sturdy and strong pine trees so you don’t have to worry about your safety problems. And the main advantage of this tour is of course the view towards the city of Malang and Batu which you can see with a million beautiful charms. During the day, the charm is beautiful, especially at night, you will also witness the typical citylight of Malang. Besides being an attractive place to spend the night, Omah Kayu Malang tour is also a very interesting photo spot. For those of you who want to take pictures with a backdrop of Malang and Batu city views at an altitude, you can take as many selfies as you like here.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Omah Kayu Malang Tourism

The ticket price is also very cheap, only 5 thousand rupiah, but for the night it costs around 300 thousand rupiah. Very affordable, right?

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Hopefully the information we provide above regarding Malang Omah Kayu Tourism, Interesting Tourism with Exotic Nature in Batu Malang is useful. Enjoy the exciting tour at Omah Kayu Malang and get an ideal photography experience there.