Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism in Kendal with Complete Family Tourism, the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Kendal Regency offers a lot of various kinds of very exciting tourist objects. One of the tourist attractions that many tourists enjoy now is Tirto Arum Baru Agro-tourism. This Kendal tourism provides many kinds of play and outbound facilities in a large and beautiful location. This tourist spot is perfect for those of you who want to spend a vacation with your family because in this place there are many pleasant facilities, for example a swimming pool, playground, fishing, flying fox, water rides, restaurants etc. If you come from outside the Kendal Regency area and its surroundings, a hotel has also been provided to stay in a warm atmosphere.

Facilities at Tirto Arum Baru Kendal Agrotourism

As we have said above, Tirto Arum Baru Agro tourism provides various kinds of facilities for you to enjoy with your family. The swimming pool at Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism consists of 3 large pools. Then at this tourist location there is also a playground and a mini zoo. The facilities that are excellent at Tirto Arum Baru Agro tourism are the mud rides where this vehicle is included in the outbound Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism package, facilities that are no less interesting than Tirto Arum Baru Agro tourism include fishing, which is equipped with resto lesehan, flying fox, ATV arena , Bungee trampoline to boost your adrenaline, various water rides, marine bridge, guts test, horse riding around Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism, Kendal house which is the traditional house of Kendal Regency and also various kinds of sports facilities such as futsal, volleyball and basketball.

Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism Kendal

Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism in Kendal

Other supporting facilities that have also been built at Tirto Arum Baru Kendal Agrotourism are hotels and restaurants. Hotel in Tirto Arum Bru has a unique concept because it stands on a garden or garden hotel. By staying at the Garden Hotel Tirto Arum Baru, you can enjoy free facilities such as swimming in the swimming pool and enjoying free WiFi hotspots. Tirto Arum Kendal hotel rates are also very affordable with a variety of complete facilities. Apart from hotels there is also a barracks evaporation cluster that can be used to stay overnight for groups of up to 80 people. In addition, there is also a Kendal House in the form of a Kendal Regency Traditional House which can also be used as an inn, so that visitors can really enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional house.

Culinary Tourism in Tirto Arum Baru Agro Tourism

Culinary Tourism in Tirto Arum Baru Agro Tourism

For those of you who like skin tours, you can put Agro Tirto Arum Baru on your meal plan list when the holidays arrive. here you can try the Tirto Arum Baru Agro Lesehan Restaurant which is also equipped with fishing. You can enjoy various kinds of freshwater fish dishes at affordable prices. The fish menu here is for example Gurame, pomfret, tilapia, seafood, duck, chicken etc. Apart from its delicious cuisine, the atmosphere at the Agrowisata Tirto Arum Baru restaurant is really very pleasant, which is located in a pndok located in the middle of a stretch of green rice fields.

Exciting Educational Outbound at Tirto Arum Baru Kendal

Exciting Educational Outbound at Tirto Arum Baru Kendal

The facility that is also featured in Tirto Arum Baru is the Outbound. Outbound facilities are a series of games held in the open air that can increase knowledge, increase teamwork, strengthen brotherhood, etc. This Outbound Package can be enjoyed by children, adults, families and corporations. There are various kinds of outbound packages in Tirto Arum Baru Kendal. Tirto Arum Baru outbound package rates are very affordable, here are some game facilities and rates in the outbound Tirto Arum Baru Kendal Regency:

Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism Education Outbound in Kendal

Bee Tourism Rp. 15,000, –
Pottery Rp. 10,000, –
Sugar Factory Tour Free
Coffee break @ Rp. 8,000, –
Coffee & Tea
2 kinds of snacks (risoles, rolls)
Snack Box @ Rp. 7,000, –
Mineral water
3 kinds of snack (peanut onion, croquette, pandan cake)

Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism Regular Outbound in Kendal

Ordinary day Sunday / Holiday
Entrance Fee Rp. 5,000, – Rp. 6,000, –
ATV Motorcycle Arena Rp. 10,000, – Rp. 10,000, –
Bungee Trampoline Rp. 15,000, – Rp. 15,000, –
Swimming Rp. 10,000, – Rp. 12,000, –
Paddle Boat Rp. 6,000, – Rp. 6,000, –
Water Bike Rp. 3,000, – Rp. 3,000, –
flying fox Rp. 10,000, – Rp. 10,000, –
Chain Swing Rp. 8,000, – Rp. 8,000, –
Marine Bridge + Flying Fox Rp. 15,000, – Rp. 15,000, –
Horse riding (1 person) Rp. 10,000, – Rp. 10,000, –
Horse riding (2 persons) Rp. 15,000, – Rp. 15,000, –
Futsal Rp. 40,000, – Rp. 50,000, –
Futsal Rp. 50,000, – Rp. 60,000, –
Field rental / person Rp. 2,000, – Rp. 2,000, –
Mud Games Rp. 5,000, – Rp. 5,000, –

Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism Outbound Packages and Prices in Kendal

Outbound Kids Adult Outbound Outbound Family
Welcome Drink Welcome Drink Family, mother, 1 child
Boat Boat All Outbound Kids & Adult Packages
Mud Games Mud Games All ages
flying fox flying fox Min. 10 families
Spider Web Chain Swing Rp. 180,000, – / family
Rocking Drums Fun Game (5)
Mini Bonbin Certificate, Door prize, Lunch (Rp. 15,000)
Playground Trainer Services
Fun Game (4) Age> 12 years
Certificate, Door prize, Lunch (Rp. 15,000) Min. 30 people
Trainer Services Rp. 90,000, – / person
Age 4-12 years
Min. 30 children
Rp. 65,000, – / child

Location and Contact of Tirto Arum Baru Agro Tourism in Kendal

You can contact the manager of Tirto Arum Baru Agro tourism in Kendal at the following address:

Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta West km 2.7 Kendal, Central Java
Phone: 0294 381 858
Fax: 0294 384 141
E-mail: tirto_arum_baru@yahoo.co.id
Contact Person: Yunita (081802461307)

That was the review about Tirto Arum Baru Agrotourism in Kendal with this Complete Family Tour. Hopefully with the existence of Tirto Arum Baru Agro Tourism, it can advance tourism in Central Java Province, especially in Kendal Regency.
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