New Bandungan Indah Waterpark review, The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – This tourist location is a family tourism park that is officially managed by PUSKOPKA, or the Railway Employee Cooperative Center, and belongs to BUMN PT. KAI. So indeed this tourist attraction is not privately owned. As the name suggests, the location of WBI is in the Bandungan area, at an altitude of 939 M above sea level, which is now known as the peak of Semarang. From here you can already guess if the air is definitely cool, comfortable, and clean. Yes, that’s absolutely true, for those of you who are tired of the polluted air, visit here with your family.

New Bandungan Indah Waterpark Review

Now New Bandungan Indah Waterpark also starting to clean up, starting to add various entertaining rides. So this place is also suitable for holidays, offices, schools, and family events. Interestingly enough, the location of New Bandungan Indah Waterpark is close to fruit, vegetable and flower markets. Where in this market, tourists and local residents can buy community-owned garden products, which of course are still fresh! Typical mountain souvenirs, this might be the right idea if you still haven’t had time to give gifts to friends at work later.

New Bandungan Indah Waterpark

New Bandungan Indah Waterpark rides rates

The following is the Entrance Fee for Wahana at New Bandungan Indah Waterpark
1. Fish therapy Rp. 5,000.00
2. Reflection park Rp. 5,000.00
3. Current ship Rp. 5,000.00
4. ATV IDR 10,000.00
5. Otoped Rp. 5,000.00
6. Mini train IDR 5,000.00
7. Rocking bridge Rp. 5,000.00
8. Kid castle IDR 10,000.00
9. Horse tours IDR 25,000.00
10. Playground IDR 10,000.00
11. Waterpark IDR 20,000.00

Fishing at New Bandungan Indah Waterpark

Fishing facilities are also available at New Bandungan Indah Waterpark, for a price you can try contacting the management directly at 0298 – 711078. Other facilities that can also be enjoyed by visitors include catering, tree houses, meeting halls, resorts and villas. In a fishing place called FishObong, it is both a fishing place and a family kitchen.

Address information for New Bandungan Indah Waterpark

· Location: Jalan Veteran 3 Bandungan, Semarang Regency
· E-mail:
· Facebook at “New Bandungan Indah Waterpark”

Usually, the waterpark in Bandungan will be full of tourists when the holiday season arrives. Even though it was the rainy season, tourists still flooded this waterpark. Moreover, the name is also a waterpark, so even though it is raining, it is still wet. Maybe that’s the reason tourists keep busy visiting New Bandungan Indah Waterpark.
Apart from that, there is also an inn, which are both managed by PT. Kereta Api Persero. So you don’t have to bother looking for lodging anymore.

If you are satisfied swimming and playing, you can visit the Bandungan vegetable market, which is located nearby. As previously mentioned. Even though it is included in the type of ordinary traditional market, tourists like to visit this place, even included in the tourist market. Of course, the thing that can be done here is shopping. Especially considering the cheap selling price, even though it is included in the tourist market, the selling price is still competitive. Another plus is that the vegetables sold are fresh. Moreover, it is in high mountain areas, where on average the products sold are harvested by local farmers around the Bandungan market. So many articles about New Bandungan Indah Waterpark, you are the fishing spot too! Have a good vacation.
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