Nasi Megono Typical Food of Pekalongan, The Most Beautiful Tour – When you hear the word megono you will immediately remember the city of Pekalongan, Typical Culinary Tour of Pekalongan This is quite a lot of interest and is sought after by travelers visiting the city of Pekalongan. Pekalongan special food This is indeed very delicious to eat with hot mendoan tempeh. Nasi megono or in Javanese Sego Megono is a food made from the basic ingredients of young jackfruit and coconut mixture. Usually served with tempeh mendoan. Before discussing further, we will know about the city of Pekalongan first. Pekalongan City is a municipal city which is included in the Central Java area. The city is bordered by Pemalang city and Batang city. Located on the north coast of the island of Java.

Nasi Megono, a typical food of Pekalongan

Nasi Megono Pekalongan

Actually, finding a place to eat Nasi Megono in Pekalongan is very easy. Many places sell them, especially in the morning and at night. On the sides of the road there are lots of tent stalls selling this food. One that favors from typical Pekalongan food this. There are additional dried anchovies and petai in the processing.

Nasi Megono Pekalongan recipe

Maybe you are curious about Megono Pekalongan recipe typical Pekalongan food this. This food is made from young jackfruit which is chopped into small pieces, then boiled until cooked.

To megono rice seasoning Pekalongan This uses young coconut spices mixed with spices. Such as turmeric, salt, garlic and so on. This young coconut must also be boiled first. Continue to add the anchovies to the megono and mix them together. Enjoy it by adding hot rice and hot flour fried tempeh. Especially when eaten using banana leaves, you will feel the pleasure of this megono rice even more. Sometimes there are several added petai small or Chinese petai for added flavor. How, easy is not how how to make Megono rice This Pekalongan?

When visiting Pekalongan, don’t forget to enjoy Typical Culinary Tour of Pekalongan that is Sego Megono this. To where to eat in pekalongan You can enjoy this Sego Megono around Pekalongan Square. At night, there will be a lot of tent stalls selling megono rice. They open from late afternoon around 4pm and close until evening. If you don’t want to go far to Pekalongan Square. You can enjoy this food at Warung Makan Mas Duki which is on the edge of the Pantura road.

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