Tourist attractions in Mojokerto which are thick with historical nuances, the most beautiful tourist spots – Mojokerto is one of the cities in East Java and also close to the big city, namely Surabaya. Like several other cities in Java, Mojokerto also has quite a lot of tourist objects and has interesting historical objects. This is because Mojokerto Regency is the location where there is the Trowulan Site where the Majapahit Kingdom once stood.

If you want to come here and don’t know what are the interesting tourist objects in Mojokerto, then you need to listen to this article until the end because we will provide some lists of Mojokerto Historical Places that you must visit.

1. Reco Lanang

Reco Lanang

This first historical tourist attraction in Mojokerto is a historical tourist destination in Mojokerto, because in this place there is a statue made of stone called andesti. The statue is a depiction of a Buddhist dhyani named Akshobhya. This Akshobhya is the master of the cardinal directions in the east according to Buddhism. The height of this statue is 5.7 meters high, making it look quite large.
Currently, many local sculptors in Trowulan are adept at making statues that resemble the relics of the Majapahit Kingdom, so it’s no wonder that many buyers want to install statues that resemble the Aksobhya statue.

The location of this historical heritage is in Kemloko village in Trawas sub-district or about 40 km from the center of Mojokerto City.

2. Jalatunda Temple

Jalatunda Temple

The location of this temple is on a slope of Mount Bekal which is one of the peaks in the Penanggungan mountains. Because the location of this temple is at an altitude, this can offer the cool air of this temple complex, so that it can make tourists want to linger in this place.
This temple is located in Trawas sub-district or more precisely in the village of Seloliman. This magnificent temple building is made of river stone and has a height of about 5.2 meters, 16.8 meters long and 13.5 meters wide.

3. Candi Bajang Ratu

Bajang Ratu Temple

This temple is a temple made of red bricks and has a height of up to 16 meters and the width of this building reaches 6 meters and a length of 6.7 meters.
This beautiful temple also has a building that resembles a paduraksa gate, because this temple has wings on the right and left. This temple also has a sun relief flanked by dragons, an animal with long ears, Garuda’s head and Kala’s head flanked by lions.
Besides that, there are also relief carvings of the story of Rama on the wing and there is also the story of Sri Tanjung at the foot of the temple.

So, that was a “unique” historical tourist destination from the city of Mojokerto, I hope this article can be a reference for those of you who want to take a vacation to Mojokerto City.