Mangkang Zoo, Bonbinnya Semarang with Complete Collection, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Mangkang Zoo may be included in your vacation itinerary. The location of Mangkang Zoo is also easy to reach, on Jl. Walisongo Kilometer 16, Mangkang. This zoo is on the border of Semarang. Here besides enjoying the green scenery, seeing animals, you can also enjoy the recreational facilities provided. Let’s read a review about Mangkang Zoo the following details.

Condition of Mangkang Zoo

In Bonbin Mangkang, you can see several types of animals that are free, not in cages. However, they are still placed in their habitat. To get around the zoo with an area of ​​9 hectares, if you are tired, you can go around using a mini train. Other facilities that you can enjoy as a visitor include water rickshaws, elephants, etc. Perhaps what is unique is the water rickshaw, because you can take a walk using the water rickshaw in the artificial lake, and see pelicans swimming freely. Not only that, there are still several other facilities, mostly for children, namely a water boom, a small pool, and an airplane museum.

Mangkang Zoo

Mangkang Zoo

History of Mangkang Zoo

This zoo has been in operation for a long time, starting in February 2007. Previously, there was a Tinjomoyo Zoo, but its condition was poor, so finally the Mangkang Zoo was established to replace Tinjomoyo. Since 2006, the existing animals have started to be moved to the new place. If you want to know its history further, there is still the Tegalwareng Zoo. In 1954, this zoo was founded. The concept used at that time was a combination of a zoo with an amusement park, but many animals became stressed because of this concept. Yes, it is true that amusement parks are very noisy and the animals in zoos are disturbed by it. Until, finally in 1985 the zoo was moved to the Tinjomoyo Zoo and Catfish Park. So indeed its history is quite long, and why is that also the story of why Bonbin Mangkang is located on the border of Semarang city. Currently Mangkang Zoo Semarang is also known as Taman Marga Satwa Semarang.

Quite a number of animal species

Tourist attractions Mangkang Zoo is a zoo with quite a lot of animal species, there are 40 species, with a total of 200 animals. Here are some of the animals you can see:
Spotted deer
· Sumatran tiger
· Bear
Timor deer
· Snake
Sumatran elephants
· Hippopotamus
Javanese macaque
· Beruk
· Kangaroo
Bengal tiger
· And much more …

Ticket prices for the Mangkang Zoo

Just pay 5 thousand rupiah, you can enter this Mangkang bonbin area. You can also take pictures with birds or snakes. And you can also invite your little one to ride an elephant, here you teach your child to start loving animals from a young age. Other rates at Mangkang Zoo are Elephant Ride IDR 5,000, Water Rickshaw IDR 5,000, Horse Ride IDR 5,000, Flying Fox IDR 5,000, Boat Ride IDR 3,000, Mini Train IDR 3,000, Water Boom Ticket IDR 10 thousand, and Watch Animal Movies Rp. 3 thousand.
Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00

Route to Mangkang Zoo

· From the direction of Jakarta. When almost passed the Kab. Kendal, want to enter the city of Semarang. You get to the right side of the road, ask the family for help, while you focus on driving. From the direction of Jakarta, the Mangkang bonbin location is on the right.
· From Poncol station. Use city transportation to Mangkang.
· From A. Yani Airport. Take a taxi to this bonbin, it is a bit expensive. But it’s one of the easiest ways to depart from the airport.
· From Terboyo Terminal. Look for city buses to Mangkang. The location of the zoo is not too far from this terminal. If you get lost, ask the local people, because the location is close, the local community will definitely help you.

So many articles about the Mangkang Zoo Semarang, the Semarang bonbin from us Have a good vacation.

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