List of interesting tourist attractions in Makassar, the most beautiful tourist attractions – Betempat on the island of Sulawesi, Makassar city is famous for its Losari Beach and its traditional pedicab transportation. However, Makassar also still has a variety of beautiful and interesting tourist attractions that must be visited. Here’s a list of locations you should know.
List of interesting tourist attractions in Makassar

1. Losari Beach

If you go to Makassar, it’s incomplete if you don’t take a walk on the famous Losari Beach. Do you know, this beach has no sand. That’s where a lot of concrete gets everywhere. Don’t think, however, that a beach without sand will be unattractive. There are several other things on this beach which are of course amazing.
A busy place to visit, especially on weekends, offers a variety of things you can do. For example, riding a water bike or banana boat, sailing by boat, fishing and so on. You can also enjoy culinary tours, namely coto, konro soup, epe banana and butung pallu ice. How wonderful it would be to eat culinary delights while waiting for the sun to set.

2. Malino

After discussing the beach which is located in low land, then we will discuss the tourist attractions in the highlands that present the aroma of the mountains. Malino is at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level which is located 90 km from the city center. The average temperature in this area is between 10-26 degrees Celsius.
You can enjoy the beauty of this place, namely the blue valleys and bunkers of Japanese heritage and tea gardens. Still in the beauty of your eyes, you will be spoiled by Takapala Waterfall and Thousand Stair Waterfall.

3. Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam or Fort Rotterdam is a historical relic of the Gowa-Tallo Kingdom. Located not too far from Losari Beach. Previously the name of this fort was Ujungpandang Fortress, but after this fort fell to the Netherlands the name was changed. This fort was used to store booty spices from eastern Indonesia during the Dutch era.
The fort, which at a glance looks like a Turtle, has 13 buildings and 5 towers at the entrance, while 4 towers are at each corner of the fort. There is also the La Galigo Museum which contains a collection of objects from the remains of the former kingdom and a place that is believed to be the place of Prince Diponegoro’s spring.

4. Lejja Hot Springs

Lejja hot spring which is located in the protected forest of Marioriawa District, Soppeng Regency. Believes that this water can cure all skin diseases and rheumatism, because it contains sulfur. This place offers 5 pools with different temperature sizes and depths. If examined, the warmest temperature of the water is 60 degrees Celsius.
The scenery of Lejja hot spring tourism is a special attraction for tourists. In addition to the beautiful and cool place, there is also something interesting, namely the many bottles and plastics that are hung in the baths. That said, if you hang a bottle or plastic, the wish you want will come true.

5. Lake Tempe

Lake Tempe is a lake that is different from lakes in general. This is because every August 23, there is an annual ritual that is useful in purifying the lake called Maccera Tappareng. In this ritual, the head of the fisherman will slaughter a cow, after which there will be various art and cultural performances and competitions.
You can find this lake in the western area of ​​Wajo Regency. Tempe Lake is the largest fresh fish producer in the world. This attracts visitors for fishing. Around the lake there are fresh fish and types of vegetables as well as floating houses and nets belonging to fishermen.

At a glance info about the list of attractions that are on Makassar city, of course there are many other tours. Don’t be sorry just because you don’t stop by one of the tourist attractions that have been presented above.