List of Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Switzerland, the Most Beautiful Tourist Places – Switzerland is a mountainous country in Europe. As the main destination for a vacation abroad, especially in European countries, Switzerland is a place that is often visited by neighboring countries for recreation and also to enjoy the natural beauty that is there. Now for those of you who want to visit this place, you can enjoy various kinds of tourist attractions in Switzerland such as:

1. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes on the European continent. The lake is also a major tourist destination in Switzerland for tourists. Lake Geneva is also the most beautiful lake in the World. This lake is located between Switzerland and France. 60% of this lake is owned by Switzerland and 40% owned by France. This lake looks like a crescent moon when viewed from above. This lake also has an area of ​​nearly 600 square km. This lake is also often held sports competitions such as yachts. If you are going to visit this lake, you should use a private boat that you have bought or rented to get around this lake.

2. City of Zermatt

City of Zermatt

Located at the base of the Swiss Alps, this ski resort is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Switzerland by local and foreign tourists. Zermatt is best known for its idyllic ski resorts, where you can ski with friends and family. If you are not interested in skiing then there are other options you can enjoy. You can enjoy the food at the restaurant in this place. There is also a market in the city where you can shop with satisfaction, so this tourist spot in Switzerland is very much in demand by tourists visiting with their families.

3. Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park

In 1914 Switzerland has established National Parks which until recently have been used as recreational parks for families and tourists visiting this country. The place of this park is in the Alps. This park is a very amazing place. This Swiss National Park is so large and covers most of the territory of Switzerland. Here your eyes will also be spoiled with a variety of animals including eagles, elks, and guinea pigs.

4. Castil Chillon

Castil Chillon

This castle is also known as Chateau De Chillon. This castle is located on Lake Geneva and is one of the most famous castles in Switzerland. This castle is one of the tourist attractions in Switzerland which is very interesting and is often visited by various kinds of country tourists. The castle was inhabited by a count of savoys from many centuries ago and consists of 100 buildings.

For those of you who want to vacation in the country Switzerland, don’t miss a vacation to some of the tourist attractions above.