List of Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Surabaya, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – City of heroes, this is the nickname for the capital of East Java. Surabaya is a historical city that has various tourism objects in the past or is related to history. In addition, various indigenous cultures are still strong, such as wayang, ludrug, and remo dance.

Keep in mind, this tourist attraction in one of the largest cities in Indonesia also has charming and enchanting tourist attractions. Coupled with the many types of culinary delights that are often sought after by tourists. For example, duck rice, rawon, rujak uleg, kupang lontong and so on.
Check out the following reviews about some exotic places in Surabaya, both in terms of history, local wisdom and natural beauty.

List of Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

List of Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

1.The Hero Monument

Tugu Pahlawan Monument

Who doesn’t know this one hero monument, located on Jalan Pahlawan, Kelurahan Alun-Alun Contong, Kecamatan Bubutan, Surabaya, East Java. This monument is a historical place reminiscent of the struggle of the Indonesian nation on November 10, led by Bung Tomo with the arek-arek Suroboyo against the colonialists.

2. Museum Mpu Tantular

Mpu Tantular Museum

The Mpu Tantular Museum was founded by Stedelijk Historisch which is a cultural institution. The collection contained in this museum is very large, namely around 15,000 collections, including the relics of Hindhu-Budha and Isalam, relics of prehistoric times, Dutch colonial times and Japanese occupation.

3. Kenjeran Beach

Kenjeran Beach

It is not only historical tourism that Surabaya has, but there are also amazing beach nuances. In the Kenjeran Beach area or commonly referred to as Kenjeran Park (Ken Park), this presents a modern tourist attraction. Managed under the government of the City of Surabaya.
What makes the Ken Park area unique is its uniqueness, namely the Chinese nuanced architectural buildings on the shoreline. Apart from that, it also offers tour packages, such as education and children’s playgrounds, water tours, sky tours, and sports rental rentals.

4. Mangrove Tourism

Mangrove Tourism

Enjoy the beauty of tourism in the form of natural wonders, namely the mangrove forest which is located on Jl. Raya Wonorejo No. 1, Rungkut, Surabaya. You can walk on a bridge made of wood to see the dense forest. You can also rent a boat that has been provided by paying Rp. 30,000, – or by boat for Rp. 300.000, – So you can walk along the mangrove forest which refreshes your breath.

5. Bungkul Park

safe hump

Taman Bungkul is very simple, but interesting to recommend for those of you who want to just refresh your brain to get rid of fatigue after activities. This park is very busy being visited, because it is a gathering place for various groups.
In addition, it is equipped with several supporting facilities, including wiffi (wireless internet connection), a playground for children, and a fountain. Coupled with green scenery and a place for jogging.

6. Surabaya Zoo (KBS)

Surabaya Zoo

This one tourist spot is the Surabaya Zoo, located on Jalan Setail No. 1, Surabaya. The advantage of this zoo is that it has the most comprehensive variety of species collections in Southeast Asia. You don’t need to spend your money expensive, only Rp. 15,000, – can already enter this zoo. This tour is very good for children, because they can learn and know various animals, such as birds, reptiles and fish.

Thus, a list of tourist attractions that can be considered for you in choosing an enchanting object in the city of Surabaya.
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