List of Cheap Hotels in Semarang City, Prices Starting from 80 Thousand, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – If you are on vacation to Semarang with family, and the budget is right, you can try the hotel list below. Prices start from around 80 thousand, although cheap but still comfortable. Let’s read in full.

List of cheap hotels in the city of Semarang

Simpag Lima Semarang area
Simpag Lima Semarang area

1. Imam Bonjol Hostel

Location: Jl. Imam Bonjol no 177 B, Chinatown

This 1-star hostel is located in a strategic place, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation. If you visit Semarang by plane, the airport distance to Imam Bonjol Hostel is only 4 km, easy to reach. The cheapest type of room is standard single, with a price of only Rp. 83,671.00, if ordering online. In addition there are 2 in 1 room types, standard twin shared bathroom, and standard type shared bathroom.

2. Real Plaza Hotel

Location: Jl. Setia Budi 16, Ungaran

This second hotel is equally cheap. Suitable for those of you who like frugal travel. The price for 1 day stay starts from IDR 127,041.00 for the cottage type to the highest type of IDR 169,261.00 for the family room type. In Real Plaza Hotel also built a garden, which allows you to be more relaxed.

3. Hotel Elizabeth

Location: Jl. Sultan Agung 1, Candi

This 1-star hotel is truly in the most strategic location. The distance to the city center is only 5.5 km. Easy access is an advantage of the Elizabeth hotel. Prices for stays start from IDR 133,113.00. The facilities available include room service, a coffee shop, a restaurant, newspapers, Wi-Fi in public areas, as well as car rental, as well as several other standard 1-star hotel facilities.

4. The Bandungan hotel

Location: Ds. Duren, Bandungan – 50614

The Bandungan is a 3-star hotel with affordable nightly rates. For the standard room type, the price offered is IDR 138,843.00. The advantage of this hotel is that it has a cool climate, you can also enjoy the view of Mount Ungaran. Facilities include an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court. In addition, free Wi-Fi is provided in all rooms, not only in public areas.

5. Amanda Hills Hotel

Location: Nusa Indah, Bandungan, Semarang

This 2-star hotel also features a swimming pool. Standard room type per night is only Rp. 149,460.00 if booking online. In addition to the standard room types, there are also superior, deluxe, 2-bedroom family rooms, 3-bedroom family rooms. Amanda Hills hotel is close to one of Bandungan’s favorite tourist spots, Semarang, namely Umbul Sidomukti. The facilities available from free Wi-Fi to 24 hour security.

6. Hotel Sonic

Location: Jl. Wage Rudolf Supratman 27, West Semarang 50191

Hotel Sonic is a 1-star hotel with a modern exterior and interior style. The cheapest type, if booking a room online starts at IDR 174,380.00 for the express twin type. In addition there are deluxe room types too. This hotel also provides airport shuttle facilities, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, Wi-Fi in public areas, taxi service, room service, a free car park, and others.

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The prices above are only temporary prices. Because the hotel can change the price at any time, and all of them are prices if you book the hotel in Semarang online. If booking directly on the spot can fall more expensive feenya. So many articles about the list of special price hotels in Semarang, hopefully this is useful.