Know the Beauty of Tidung Island Tourism Jakarta, the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – This time we will discuss about tourist attractions on Tidung Island, which will give a special impression for those of you who visit there. The following is a review of Jakarta’s Tidung Island Tourism. Know the advantages and what rides can be an activity when you travel to this island.

Do you know about Tidung Island? Maybe the name of Tidung Island feels a little bumpy and feels strange to some people’s ears. Where is the real location of Tidung Island ?, Tidung Island is actually a tourist island located close to the capital city of Jakarta, which is in the Thousand Islands district of Jakarta. Tidung Island is located in the west of the Thousand Islands, a group of islands in the province of Jakarta which has extraordinary beauty, with marine tourism and beach tourism. Tidung Island is a natural tourist spot in Jakarta which is in great demand, especially on weekends. This tourist spot is now in great demand by Indonesian and foreign tourists.

Tidung Island Tourism Jakarta

The island, which has an area of ​​about 109 H, does have a very beautiful sea. This island has a population of around 5000 people, the island is divided into two, namely the large tidung island and the small tidung island where the two islands are connected by a bridge. So that adds to the experience of this island, this bridge is called the bridge of love, so that the presence of this bridge becomes beautiful. Tourists can cross the bridge to get to a small island, to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea and its sea fabrics.

The beauty of the beach sand on Tidung Island is indeed very clean and white, currently visiting tourists to Tidung Island are currently increasing rapidly, because of the beauty offered and the underwater beauty that makes this island a target for foreign tourists and Indonesian tourists. alone. The sand on the beach of this island is indeed very beautiful with the establishment of coconut trees and blue sea water, making this island very beautiful. With a cluster of islands that you can see beautiful scenery, a million beauties will be present when you travel to this Tidung Island.

To get to Tidung Island you only need about 2 or 3 hours if you take the Muara Angke Jakarta port route by using a passenger ship, but if you go to Tidung Island via the Rawasaban port of Tangerang, you can arrive at Tidung Island for 1.5 hours . Because of its location which is not far from the capital city of Jakarta, Tidung Island is now a very popular tourist island.

Why is Tidung Island so popular? Apart from the relatively cheap costs incurred to get to Tidung Island recreation and easy transportation access. Especially for residents who live in Jakarta and are accustomed to the noise of the capital that makes them tired, by visiting Jakarta’s Tidung Island Tour can provide a value of charming natural beauty.
One of the most famous Tidung island attractions is the Love Bridge. What is the Love Bridge like? The Love Bridge on Tidung Island connects the Big Tidung Island and the Small Tidung Island. In this Love Bridge we can take a walk and see the charming panorama of Tidung Island. The trip through the Love Bridge will be even more enjoyable because it is presented with beautiful views of coral reefs under the sea, small fish that come and go and go and go and the panorama of Tidung Island which gives warmth. The Tidung Island Love Bridge is a very special place to see the sunrise and sunset.
On the island of Tidung, facilities for snorkeling are also provided. For snorkeling equipment, you can rent the tools for IDR 35,000.00. If you want to see the nuances of the beach on Tidung Island by using a boat, you can rent a banana boat or canoe. Surely a tour will be very enjoyable.

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Interested in Tidung Island? You can enjoy its beauty Tidung Island Tourism Jakarta which is second to none in this Thousand Islands. Make sure your trip is enjoyable by visiting the Love Bridge on the island of Tidung.