Kediri Tourism Dolo Waterfall with Beautiful Views, the Most Beautiful Tourist Place – Dolo Waterfall is a Kediri tourist spot located in the village of Jogo, District. Mojo, Kediri, East Java. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, while the height of the waterfall itself is about 125 meters. The location of Dolo waterfall is in the same area as the Irenggolo waterfall, namely the tourist area of ​​Besuki, the two locations of this waterfall are only about 4 KM. It only takes about 45 minutes from the city of Kediri to reach this tourist location.

Because this tourist location is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis, the trip to reach the location of the Dolo waterfall tourist attraction must pass through a winding and slightly steep road. But even so, the path to this location can still be traversed by various types of vehicles. When it rains, the road becomes slippery and covered in fog so drivers must be extra careful. When passing the path to the waterfall, the rice fields and agricultural land of the locals will be a special sight during the trip so you won’t feel bored.

Kediri Tourism Dolo Waterfall

Arriving at the entrance gate, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket at a relatively cheap price. Then you can continue the journey to the parking area. Getting off the vehicle, you can immediately feel the cool mountain air, the atmosphere is calm green and still beautiful. To reach the location of the waterfall, you have to pass a path with hundreds of steps. The distance that must be taken is quite far, around 750 meters. It takes extra energy to get to this waterfall because you have to walk down the stairs for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your energy.

Getting closer to the location of the waterfall, from a distance you can hear the sound of water gurgling. The footsteps will be even more enthusiastic to go down the stairs. From a distance, you can see the enchanting beauty of Dolo waterfall. Arriving at the waterfall location, you will find satisfaction. It was not in vain to descend hundreds of meters of stairs. This waterfall spill consists of levels, namely at a height of 90 meters and at a height of 2 to 5 meters. The water discharge is not that much, especially during the dry season, however it does not diminish the sense of enjoying admiring the beauty of this waterfall. Under the waterfall you can play with water or just enjoy the beauty while taking pictures.

After finishing enjoying the beauty of the Dolo Kediri Jatim waterfall, it’s time to go back up. These moments are the hardest. If to get to the waterfall you have to go down hundreds of steps, then to get to the top again you have to walk up hundreds of steps that are almost a kilometer away, not to mention the steep conditions, really draining.

Area tourist attractions Dolo Kediri Waterfall has been equipped with various tourism facilities. Here you can enjoy a playground, areas for jogging, hiking, camping areas and so on. If you come and visit this tourist location, don’t forget to keep it clean. So that the beauty of Dolo Waterfall can continue to be enjoyed.

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That was information about Dolo Waterfall Kediri Tourism with Beautiful Views. This tourist spot is suitable for those of you who like adventure, enjoying green and cool mountains