Jepara Ourland Park, a new tourist spot in Jepara, Central Java – Jepara regency is a regency in Central Java. This district has enormous tourism potential. One of the famous natural attractions in Jepara is the Tourist Area in the Karimunjawa Islands. The Karimunjawa Islands are separate from the mainland of Java Island but are popular with tourists because they have very beautiful natural scenery. Recently in Jepara Regency a new tour called Jepara Ourland Park was inaugurated. The name Jepara Ourland Park is usually abbreviated as JOP. Previously, this new tour was named Jepara Ocean Park, but later it was changed to Jepara Ourland Park. In addition, this tour also earned the nickname Central Java Park I. Based on sources from the Online News Portal Koranmuria, Jepara Ourland Park was inaugurated on Sunday, April 10, 2016 which coincided with the Birthday of Jepara Regency by the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo. The location of JOP itself is in the Mororejo Jepara Beach Complex which is also known as Pungkruk Beach. This beach was then seriously developed by a private developer owned by HA Ahmad Turmudzi with the addition of various kinds of rides both on water and on land.

Jepara Ourland Park

Jepara Ourland Park

Jepara Ourland Park

Jepara Ourland Park Mororejo Beach

Currently, it can be said that Jepara Ourland Park is the most comprehensive marine tourism spot in Central Java. There are various kinds of water games in Jepara Ourland Park, such as waterboom, banana boat, jet ski, traditional boat, engine boat, water jetpack etc. In addition, there are also various kinds of playing arenas such as karts circuit, paintball, outbound area, Olympic pool, car bombs, flying elephant, carousels, Ferris wheel, mini train, kora-kora, 6-dimensional studio etc.

The water park at JOP is one of the mainstays of this tourist spot in Jepara, with 36 slides of various types and sizes which will certainly give you a special experience. In the middle of Jepara Ourland Park, there is a central tower with a height of 20 meters. From the top of this tower you can see views of the blue Java sea and also various kinds of rides at Jepara Ourland Park.

In addition to a complete game, JOP is also equipped with various kinds of buildings made with very unique shapes, such as typical buildings and structures from Europe, the Middle East, etc. This will add to the excitement of this Jepara Ourland Park Tour.

Jepara Ourland Park Mororejo Support Facilities

Apart from offering a variety of exciting games, at JOP you also provide various kinds of supporting facilities such as a ballroom, entertainment stage, prayer room, food court, restaurant, sky lounge, e-bike, golf car, and mini train. The restaurant facilities at JOP are equipped with meeting rooms, with Indonesian specialties and of course a beautiful view of the beach. So if you are planning to hold certain events, both community and corporate events, you can use the various facilities from this JOP. For the price, you can directly contact the manager.

Jepara Ourland Park Location and Contact

Jepara Ourland Park is located in Mororejo Village RT04 RW02 Mlonggo District, Jepara Regency. This Jepara tourist location is 2 km from Bandengan beach. JOP travel time from downtown Jepara is about 15 minutes.

Jepara Ourland Park entrance ticket prices

The ticket price for Jepara Ourland Park is IDR 60,000 per person on weekdays and IDR 85,000 per person for a ticket. If on weekends the ticket price becomes IDR 75,000 per person and IDR 100,000 per person for a one-way ticket.

That was the information about Jepara Ourland Park which is a new tourist spot in Jepara, Central Java. The existence of this JOP can certainly be an alternative tour for you and your family who intend to spend holidays and weekends traveling in tourist attractions around Central Java.

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