At the western end of Indonesia there is a very popular province in the archipelago, namely Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, where this province is known as Serambi Mekkah. Besides that, Aceh also has extraordinary natural beauty, starting from the mountains and beaches.
After experiencing fatal damage due to the tsunami in 2004, Aceh can get back up and organize other tourism sectors properly and perfectly, if you plan to have a vacation in Aceh then you don’t need to be confused, because we will describe some tourist attractions Aceh is worthy of your visit.

1. Baiturrahman Great Mosque

Banda Aceh Tourism

The mosque, which was built in 1612 by Sultan Iskandar Muda, has become one of the icons of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, the main building of this mosque is white with a large black dome surrounded by seven minarets, besides that you can see the magnificence of this mosque with a large pool and also a water shower in front of the mosque, reminiscent of the expensive bags in India.

In addition, this mosque can be used as a place for religious tourism in Aceh, this happens because it still has infinite beauty, for that the Acehnese must be proud to have this Baiturrahman Great Mosque. If you want to buy souvenirs for souvenirs, you can come to the Aceh market which is behind the mosque, then you can also go on a culinary tour, because Aceh has a myriad of special foods that you must try while on vacation in Aceh.

2. Blang Kolam Waterfall

If you come to Aceh then it is unfortunate if you miss this waterfall, the location of this Blang pond waterfall is in Sidomulyo Village, North Aceh, which can be reached within 30 minutes from Lhokseumawe, if you come to this place then you can see Twin waterfalls that have a height of 75 meters surrounded by shady trees. Besides that you can play water in this place, there are also waterfall storage pools that you can use to soak or relax on the edge.

If you want to have a more different experience, you can bring camping equipment, because the rates here are very cheap, IDR 5,000 per person, but if you are just visiting, you only need to pay IDR 2,500 per person, so you can feel the natural beauty of the place. this waterfall.

3. Suhom Waterfall
Apart from the Blang Kolam waterfall, there is also a waterfall that is no less beautiful, namely Suhom Waterfall, which is in the village of Saham, lhoong sub-district, Aceh Besar. If you want to reach this place you need to go up and down with a view of the Paro and Kulu mountains, but you don’t need to be surprised if a lot of monkeys roam here, because usually the monkeys here only ask for fruits or snacks, if you use them. The road to pass the height of this waterfall is 50 meters which is divided into 3 levels, but you are not allowed to go up to level two or three in order to maintain your safety, because there is a high powered power plant. This waterfall is also provided with a gazebo, which is intended so that users can enjoy the food that is sold around the waterfall location.

4. Beach Lights
Even though Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches, Acehnese need not be jealous, because they also have beaches that are no less beautiful, one of which is Pantai Lampu or it can be called Kuta Beach in Aceh. This beach has a coastline of 5 km from south to north, with soft white sand and also coral cliffs at the end of the beach, you can do many activities on this beach ranging from sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and also playing banana boot. Besides that, you can do interesting activities in this place, namely turtle conservation, you can release the hatchlings to the open sea, if you are not satisfied playing in this place then you can stay in the city in the coastal area.
That is what we can say about Banda Aceh Tourism which is Interesting and Worth a Visit. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.