Interesting Baturaden Tourist Attractions Visited in Banyumas, Most Beautiful Tourist Places – There are so many tourist destinations around Central Java which are always invaded by tourists, especially when the holidays arrive. Some cities that are favorite places, for example Semarang, Magelang, Solo etc. Apart from these cities, it turns out that Central Java also has other tourist locations that are no less interesting to visit. The place is Baturaden, which is a tourist resort that offers a mini-train, panoramic views of waterfalls, swimming pools and rowing boats. The name Baturaden itself is taken from a legend about an unlucky couple of lovers, a male servant (Batur) and a noble woman (Raden). Based on the story above, this tourist spot is called Baturraden. However, many visitors are more familiar with the name Baturaden. In this article we will discuss some information about tourist attractions of Baturaden which is visited by many tourists.

Baturaden Tourist Attractions

Baturaden Tourist Locations

The tourist location of Baturaden is on the south slope of Mount Slamet and about 14 km from the north of the city of Purwokerto. Precisely in Banyumas district, Central Java and approximately 640 meters above sea level and 6 km from the top of Mount Slamet.

Access to Baturaden Tourism

Baturaden tourist locations can be accessed using private vehicles or by public transportation. For those of you who visit using public transportation, you can take city transportation (angkot) to Baturaden from the Purwokerto terminal. Then, you will arrive and get off at the Baturaden lokawisata terminal.
If you want to be more practical and free, then you can use a private vehicle, taxi, or rent a car. The distance is approximately 15 km from downtown Purwokerto and only takes about 15 minutes when the road is not congested. Visitors are advised to be vigilant and careful when deciding to use a private vehicle, because many roads are uphill with a slope of about 30 degrees.

Entrance Ticket for Baturaden Tourism

Entrance ticket prices for the latest Baturaden Purwokerto tour is Rp. 14,000. Meanwhile, to enter the natural theater, you have to pay a ticket of Rp. 5000 and to enter the Telu Shower for Rp. 10,000.

Interesting location in Baturaden

Its location on the slopes of Mount Slamet makes Baturaden Tourism Object cool. No wonder if on holidays or weeked, this place is visited by many visitors. The management provides several facilities such as hotels, lodging, and including camping ground. Interesting locations that cannot be missed while in Baturaden, include:

1. Kaloka Widya Mandala

Kaloka Widya Mandala

Kaloka Widya Mandala is a zoo which is also used as a place for educational tours. This tourist spot was inaugurated by the Regent of Banyumas, namely H. Djoko Sudantoko on May 17, 1995.
At the Kaloka Widya Mandala tourist spot, you will find various kinds of animal species that come from within and outside the country. Some of the animal species in this park, including orangutans, eagles, kate chickens, guinea fowl, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, kaswari, street cows, snakes, three-legged goats, hedgehogs, iguanas, paradise, bats, elephants, monkeys, and other endangered species.

2. Natural Theater Baturaden

Baturaden Nature Theater

The Baturaden Nature Theater is one of the most attractive tourist locations, because this theater is a cinema in the shape of an airplane. The Foxer 28 aircraft belonging to Garuda Indonesia stands on 600 meters of land, to be precise next to the entrance of this lokawisata.

The uniqueness of this cinema is not showing Hollywood films or other big screen films, but only showing films about the nature and culture of Indonesia’s homeland such as TMII cultural stories, the tsunami tragedy, or the Mount Merapi incident. The duration of the films shown in this theater is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

This natural theater is intended for visitors, especially those who have never been on a plane so they can feel the sensation of boarding an airplane while enjoying the movies on the screen that has been provided. You are only charged 5,000 rupiahs to enter this theater.

3. Camping ground

Baturaden Campground

In the Baturaden Tourism Area, there is also a camping ground or campsite which is usually used as a place for outbound activities. This place is suitable for those of you who like camping activities. In 2001, this camping ground was the location for the Scout Movement National Jamboree.

4. Pitu Shower and Telu Baturaden Shower

Pitu Shower and Telu Baturaden Shower

This tourist spot is a hot spring containing sulfur. This hot spring is believed to help cure various diseases, including skin diseases. The water temperature in these two hot springs ranges from 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.
Both of these showers are the favorite and most famous tourist locations in Baturaden. You can soak in hot water while enjoying views of the green mountains. Apart from that, you can also try sulfur massage by paying 7,500 rupiah every 15 minutes.

5. Silent Lake

Silent Lake

The location of this Sunyi Lake is in the center of Baturaden tourism locale. This lonely lake is a very clear spring. The water in this lake is very cold and fresh. Unfortunately, those of you who visit this lake are prohibited from swimming or bathing. The prohibition was imposed with the aim of maintaining the safety of the visiting tourists.

That was the information about Baturaden’s interesting tourist attractions to visit in Banyumas. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you.