Hunting for the most delicious Soto Betawi in Jakarta, Betawi culinary tours – Indonesia has a lot of specialties. From Sabang to Merauke, they have their own special food. Jakarta, the busiest city in Indonesia and the center of various things in Indonesia, also has very delicious specialties. Talking about typical food from Jakarta, you will definitely not be far from the name Soto Betawi. In Indonesia alone, almost every region has its own characteristic Soto. As well as typical Betawi soup This, has a different shape from soup in general. Maybe you have often eaten this one food.

Soto Betawi H Mamat

The Best Soto Betawi in Jakarta

Currently, finding Soto Betawi is not difficult. In other areas outside Jakarta, many have sold it. In Jakarta alone, there are lots of stalls that provide this typical Betawi soup. But even so, of course, not all of them taste good. This soup has a different shape from the types of soup in other cities. Soto made from beef offal. Then served with additional slices of fresh tomatoes, crackers, boiled potatoes and boiled eggs.

Served with warm rice and very thick yellow sauce. This is the difference between Soto Betawi and other Soto. Usually soto has noodles in it. But if the soup is only meat. In addition, the thick sauce from coconut milk will add to the taste of this typical Jakarta food. One of the best places to enjoy Soto in Jakarta is the Soto Betawi H Mamat food stall. This soto food stall is one of the most legendary food stalls in Jakarta. With good taste and affordable prices.

Where is the location of Soto Betawi H Mamat

Soto betawi H Mamat is located in the area of ​​Jl raya rawa buntu serpong Jakarta. Open from 6 am to 3 pm. When visiting this area, don’t forget to stop by this Soto Betawi H mamat stall. There are many types of Soto Betawi available in this place. One of the favorite foods of many customers is soto goreng betawi with the addition of beef brains.

That is the information we can convey about Betawi Culinary Tourism. Hopefully you can provide culinary recommendations in Jakarta for you, especially Soto Betawi. Happy Culinary !!