Here Are 8 Beaches In Pacitan, East Java That You Must Visit, The Most Beautiful Tourist Places – After some time ago we discussed about beach tourist attractions in East Java With an exotic view, today we will discuss beach resorts, but specifically those in Pacitan Regency, East Java. Pacitan is known as the City of Tourism or also known as the City of a Thousand Caves. This is due to Pacitan’s extraordinary natural wealth and often captivates tourists to come to this city. The number of caves in Pacitan Regency is because this district is located in a row of karst mountains south of Java Island. Pacitan is a district that is located right in the southwest of East Java. Located directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, it’s no wonder Pacitan has many beautiful beaches. What are the beaches in Pacitan? Here is 8 Beach in Pacitan, East Java You Must Visit.

8 Best Beach Tourism in Pacitan, East Java

1. Watukarung Beach

Watukarung Beach

The location of Watukarung beach is in Watu Karung village, Pringkuku sub-district, Pacitan. You can arrive at this beach in approximately 1.5 hours from the city of Pacitan because the distance is about 25 to 30 km. Visitors are expected to use private vehicles because the road conditions to the beach are small with many inclines and descents. You have to be really alert and careful when driving to this nice Pacitan beach.

Watukarung Beach has white sand which is almost similar to Srau beach. Apart from the beauty of the panorama, this beach also has big waves so it is often used for surfing arenas.

The type of reef break and the seabed is in the form of coral rock so that at certain times this beach can produce barrels and of course it will make surfers enjoy the sensation of surfing that feels like in heaven.

2. Kali Uluh Beach

Kali Uluh Beach

Kali Uluh Beach Tourism is one of the beaches in Pacitan that has very good road access because of its location through the southern ring route. You can take the route via JLS, until fly over Gayam, turn left through the Gayam market. Then, continue the journey until you meet a fly over and arrive at the T-junction after the gate enters Klasem village. Continue the journey until you reach a second T-junction and take the right lane. You just have to follow the existing road until you arrive at Kali Uluh beach.

The waves on Kali Uluh beach are large, so they are often used as locations for surfing. The view of the rocks that are scattered along the beach adds to the beauty of Kali Uluh beach.

3. Klayar Beach

Klayar Beach

The location of Klayar beach is in Donorojo sub-district and approximately 35 km away to the west of Pacitan city with about 60 minutes to arrive at this beach. The road to get to this beach location is very difficult because there are many climbs and descents that are quite extreme and some parts of the road are already damaged. Those of you who are not used to driving in extreme terrain are advised to use a driver’s service.

Pacitan beach tourism object is still fairly natural which is one of the leading tourist objects in Pacitan. Apart from its milky white sand, the specialty of this beach is also added from the coral shaped like a Spink and a natural fountain that reaches 10 meters high.
Visitors will fall more and more in love with this beach when watching the gradation of sea water from blue to turquoise combined with the white sand of the beach. Then, the sturdy rocks jutting into this beach make it almost the same as the beauty of Tanah Lot in Bali.

4. Banyu Tibo Beach

Banyu Tibo Beach

The location of the Banyu Tibo beach tourism object is in Widoro village, Donorojo district, Pacitan Regency, East Java. The name Banyu Tibo is taken from the Javanese language which means falling water because right on the beach there is a waterfall.

The waterfall on the Banyu Tibo Pacitan beach comes from a small river that flows over a cliff. This river never dries up during the dry season and the water is also very clear. The river flows into the sea and merges with the waves in a small bay.

5. Buyutan Beach

Buyutan Beach

The location of Buyutan beach tourism destination is not far from Klayar beach and is precisely located in Donorojo sub-district, Pacitan. You can get to this beach about 44 km from the city of Pacitan and can only be reached by private vehicle because there is no public transportation that operates around the beach.

You will find a calm natural atmosphere at Buyutan beach because it is still a virgin and not many tourists have come to visit it, so the condition of the beach is very clean. This unspoiled beach in Pacitan has milky white sand and the sea water is also very clear. The very natural conditions of this beach and the lack of existing facilities, visitors are expected not to throw garbage around the beach in order to maintain cleanliness and beauty.

6. Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong Beach

The location of Karang Bolong beach is located in Sendang village, Donorojo Pacitan. Unfortunately, access to this beach is somewhat incomplete, especially when it rains.
You can enjoy the panoramic view of the south coast with the sturdy cliffs covered in towering green plants. The location of the cliff is on the west bank and juts into the sea. At first glance, this beach is not much different from Uluwatu beach in Bali.

7. Teleng Ria Beach

Teleng Ria Beach

Pacitan Beach Tourism Teleng Ria Beach is a beach that is located closest to the city of Pacitan because it is only approximately 3.5 km from the city center with a travel time of about 15 to 30 minutes if the trip is not jammed.
Teleng Ria Beach juts into the sea, so it can be called a bay. The most beautiful beach in Pacitan, East Java, is included in the southern coastline with white sand that stretches for 3 km.

You can enjoy the beauty of the white sand and blue sea with the background of the Mount Limo series. The waves on this beach are also not too big, making it suitable for bathing in the sea, playing or swimming. On this beach there is also a fish auction, so you can bring home fresh fish from the sea.

8. Beach Srau

Srau Beach

The location of Srau beach is in the village of Candi, Pringkuku district and about 25 to the west of the city of Pacitan. Srau Beach is one of the beaches in Pacitan which is similar to Klayar beach. The access road to this beach is quite winding with a relatively small size.
Very white sand and rocks jutting out to sea are the characteristics of Srau beach. Previously, this beach was used as a shooting location for a big screen film entitled “Tania” played by Ferly Putra, Wulan Guritno, and other artists.

That was the information about beach tourist attractions in Pacitan Regency, East Java. Don’t forget to visit other tours in Pacitan that are no less exciting.