Here are 4 cool night spots in Jakarta, the most beautiful tourist spots – Do you know what night attractions are in Jakarta? For those of you who don’t know which night attractions are interesting to visit while in Jakarta, please follow this review article about Night Tours in Jakarta.

Who doesn’t know this city? surely you all recognize it right? The city, which is always packed with many residents, is a city that has earned the nickname as a metropolitan city, namely the city of Jakarta. Well, if you want to visit the city of Jakarta, you should visit at night so you can avoid the chaos in the city of Jakarta.
Do you already know that Jakarta has a very exciting night tour spot? Even though the city of Jakarta is not far from traffic every day, even if you are stuck in traffic, at most you can stay on the road for up to 1 full day, because the traffic jams are extraordinary. For this reason, for those of you, Jakarta residents, just traveling in the city will give you the beauty of your vacation with friends, girlfriends or family.

You certainly don’t need to be afraid to have a night tour in the city of Jakarta, because the city of Jakarta has several very exciting destinations, making your vacation more meaningful in the midst of traffic jams in the city of Jakarta. Here are some interesting and cool night spots to visit in Jakarta:

1. Old Town

Old town

The old city, which is commonly called Old Batavia, is one of the small areas in Jakarta with a width of 1.3 square km. Every night this old city, which is in West Jakarta, is quite crowded with visitors, because this old city is the right city to be used to relieve the stress of life in the city of Jakarta, in the old city you will be treated to the beauty of old old buildings that are now. used as a museum, the meseum in the old city has a puppet museum which is open on certain days. various kinds of merchandise and entertainment events with prizes, such as fishing in bottles. As well as a living statue, aka a person colored like a statue.

The activities that you can do at the Old City Jakarta Night Tourism Place, you can enjoy the courtyard area by renting a bicycle which is already available to walk around the spacious courtyard of this old city. And you can enjoy culinary street at night. If at night the old city looks beautiful with a classic impression of this Jakarta night tourist spot.

2. Ancol Beach City

Ancol Beach City

Jakarta Ancol Tourism is also a place that is quite crowded with visitors, well, at night is the right moment for you young people to just hang out or relax enjoying the extraordinary beauty of Ancol. This tourist spot at night in Ancol is Ancol beach city.

Activities that can be done at the Jakarta Ancol Beach City Night Tourism Place are that you can enjoy the beauty and coolness of the beach at night, if you pay attention to the concept of Ancol Beach City, the same as Sentosa Island in Singapore. And you can enjoy live music while enjoying typical Jakarta culinary delights with your partner or relatives, here every night visitors are served live music to entertain visitors. Fun is not a night tour in Jakarta, especially in Ancol Beach City.

3. Kampung Kemang

Kemang Village

The following night tours are at night attractions in the Kemang area, which are tourist attractions for young people, there you will be treated to several clubbing spots that are able to entertain you to unwind with your friends, culinary tours, there are many culinary delights that you can enjoy in this area, and classical music entertainment is always present to accompany your evening.

And the most cool thing is hanging out in the Kemang Village Food Court, a cool place to spend the evening while enjoying a variety of delicious culinary delights with friends, relatives and your spouse. if you go to Jakarta don’t forget to visit the Kemang area at night.

4. National Monument Park

National Monument Park

Who doesn’t know Monas? Monas is a cool place to use for your trip with friends or family, enjoy the coolness around Monas at night which has a beautiful garden that is suitable for relaxing.

Are you sure about your vacation spot? if you are still not sure, you can try a vacation to the city of Jakarta to enjoy the night tour that is never empty of visitors. So many reviews that discuss Night Tour Places in Jakarta interesting and cool to visit. Have a good vacation!.
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