Gedong Songo Temple Semarang, Temple with Nice Natural Views, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Why do we call Gedong Songo Temple as a temple for nature tourism lovers? Well, for those of you who are nature lovers, of course you like to see beautiful natural scenery, right? When you visit this temple, the surrounding of the temple is a beautiful nature, from the view of the pine forest, the light mist, to the green trees, which is an inseparable combination. You will definitely like it! Let’s read in full.

Gedong Songo Temple Semarang

Tour of Gedong Songo Temple Semarang

History of Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple built in the ninth century AD, the name of this temple was made in Javanese. Those of you who understand Javanese are familiar with the words “Gedong” and “Songo”. Where gedong means building or house, while songo means nine. If interpreted entirely Gedong Songo means 9 buildings, in this case 9 groups of buildings. Now you are more and more curious, right? The following is information about Gedong Songo Temple Tourism in Semarang Regency ala

The view at Gedong Songo Temple

Because it is on a plateau, the air temperature in the Gedong Songo area is very cold, which is 19-270 Celsius. Maybe for those of you who are not strong with cold temperatures, you should prepare warm clothes. It would be better if you use socks, gloves, and sports shoes too. But actually this cold temperature makes this place even more suitable for highland natural tourism, far from air pollution, free from vehicle noise too. Apart from the scattered temples, the natural scenery is very beautiful and natural, pine forests, fog, you will also find springs with sulfur content. In the past, someone has said that this sulfur is good for treating skin problems. Now, let’s talk about the temple.

Gedong I Temple

If you want to go to Gedong I temple, you need to walk 200 M using the ascending path. There is also a horse transportation service if you are tired and want to enjoy the view of Gedong Songo Temple without having to walk.

A little information, in 1740, this temple complex was discovered by Loten. And in 1804, someone named Raffles noted this complex using the name Gedong Pitoe, why not Gedong Songo? Because in the past only 7 groups of buildings were found. In 1925 Van Braam made a publication, in 1865 Hoopermans and Friederich wrote about Gedong Songo. In 1908, Van Stein Callenfels continued his research on the temple complex, from 1910 to 1911 Knebel carried out an inventory.
Hot springs at Gedong Songo Temple

Between Gedong IV Temple and Gedong III Temple, there is a hot spring that tourists can use for bathing. These hot springs, as mentioned earlier, contain sulfur.

Entrance ticket to Gedong Songo Temple

The entrance ticket to Gedong Songo Temple is quite cheap, only Rp.5,000 per person for adult admission. IDR 25,000.00 per person for foreign tourist entrance tickets. Apart from entering the temple, several other ticket prices are:
· To hot water 40,000, foreign tourists 60,000
· Village tourism 25,000, foreign tourists 35,000
· 50,000 Songo Temple Package, 70,000 foreign tourists
· To Candi II 30,000, foreign tourists 40,000

Location of entrance ticket to Gedong Songo Temple

The location of the entrance ticket to Gedong Songo Temple is in Dusun Darum, in Candi Village, Kec. Bandungan, Kab. Semarang. Or on the slopes of Mount Ungaran

Route to Gedong Songo Temple

If you want to go to Gedong Songo Temple, the travel time is 40 minutes, if you depart from Ambarawa city. Please be careful because the slope is really sharp.
The route from the direction of Jogja and Magelang. From the direction of Jogja follow the route to Semarang. After arriving at Ambarawa> T-junction> Take the left lane> Go straight> Bandungan T-junction> Take the left lane & keep going straight> Palbapang Sumowono Petrol Station> T-junction> Take the right lane> Straight> Arrive at the destination.

So many articles about Gedong Songo Temple, a temple for nature tourism lovers. Have a good vacation.

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