Gatra Beach Tourism in Malang, the Enchantment of Unspoiled Beaches in Malang, the Most Beautiful Tourist Spots – It is not wrong that it is very true if someone says that Malang is a tourist city in East Java. This is not without reason because Malang has many interesting tourist points that can be visited. Starting from education-based tours, historical tours, modern tours to natural attractions, you can see.

And if you really like nature tourism, one of the natural attractions that you can visit in Malang is Gatra Beach tourism. The charm of the beach which is still very clear and natural, you can see only at Gatra Beach Malang tour. For those of you who want or are interested in vacationing there, here is complete information!

The exoticism of Gatra Beach Malang Tourism

Gatra Beach Tour in Malang

Gatra Beach Malang is now officially opened. The location is close to the Sendang Biru fish auction, precisely in Sendang Biru Hamlet, Tambak Rejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan sub-district, Malang regency.

Gatra Beach Malang is located in the Mangrove area, so it’s no wonder that there you will also find mangrove exoticism. To be able to get to this Malang Gatra Beach tour, you need a fair amount of stamina because you have to walk through the mangrove forest before you arrive at the location and you also have to pass a fairly steep and hot road during the day. The field is also sandy and has a mangrove forest area. At the initial post, visitors are required to register first and pay an entrance ticket price of Rp. 6000.00 per person. Where this donation is also intended for the purchase of mangrove seeds planted in this place.

The location of Gatra Beach Malang is still hidden and has not been touched by many people because this tour is still newly opened. However, if you go to the southern Malang region, it is highly recommended to stop by and enjoy the natural beauty of Gatra Beach Malang because of the special natural charm you will find at Gatra Beach Malang.

If you go to Gatra Beach Malang, the energy you spend on trekking will not be in vain because it pays off with beautiful spots there. But if you don’t want to do trekking for fear of giving up or getting tired, you can rent a motorcycle taxi service which is quite cheap, which is only around IDR 5,000.00 to IDR 10,000.00.

What I like most about Gatra Beach Malang is also the charm of its beautiful sunset. Here you can snap – snap photos when it is time for the sun to set. Camping on Gatra Beach will also be very exciting because you will find interesting experiences there.


That is the little information we can provide this time. Hopefully the information above about Gatra Beach Tourism in Malang, the Enchantment of Unspoiled Beaches in Malang is useful.