Fun Bandungan fishing for fishing and eating together, the most beautiful tourist spots – For those of you who like fishing, here are some fishing spots in Bandungan. You may choose one of them. Especially when the holiday season arrives, so if one fishing spot is full of visitors, you can try visiting another. Or maybe you want to book for a group, so you already know which one to book. The average fishing spot is one place with a culinary spot. And of course the mandatory menu is fish, especially gouramy. Some are equipped with play facilities for children, some even have a small swimming pool. Let’s read more information about Pemancigan Bandungan Semarang, Central Java this.

Bandungan fishing

Bandungan fishing with beautiful views

Indeed, besides enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, Bandungan also has a variety of other tours that are no less interesting. One of them is fishing tourism. For areas in the Bandungan area that have many fishing spots, namely in Ds. Jimbaran, which is included in the Bandungan sub-district. There are many famous fishing spots, including Pemancingan Suharno, Pondok Alam Bg Kohar, and several others. Each has its own peculiarities. It depends on which decision you want to visit. Immediately, some of them are discussed.

Suharno fishing 2

One of the fishing in Bandung is Pemancingan Suharno 2. The address of Pemancingan Suharno 2 is in Blater Village RT 04 RW VI Jimbaran, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. Pemancingan Suharno 2 Sidomukti Bandung has a beautiful atmosphere and cool air so it is suitable to be used to hold small events with your family or colleagues.

Fishing Suharno 3 Jimbaran

This is a fairly busy fishing spot. The location is quite easy to reach. Compared to other fishing places, the outline of the concept is almost the same, what makes it different is the taste of the food. Where the matter of taste returns to each other’s tastes, because one person can have different tastes.

One of the facilities available at Pemancingan Suharno 3 is a small children’s pool. There is also a place to eat. However, when paying you may have to be patient, because there is only one cashier. I don’t know, maybe in the future Suharno 3 Jimbaran will increase the number of cashiers or not, because so far only 1 cashier makes the payment process quite long. It would be quite a hassle if it was crowded.

To eat here, the place to eat is in the form of a floor mat. The mat is on top of a block made of brick and cement. But indeed, eating fish seems more fun than using tables and chairs.

At Suharno Fishing Center, a swimming pool is also provided. The size of the pool itself is quite small, only 5 x 5 M. Maybe for adults it won’t be enough, but for kids it’s a different story. Other facilities include standard facilities, from a sink, toilet, and also some children’s toys, such as a swing. Suitable for those of you who vacation with family here.

Pondok Alam Bang Kohar

Pondok Alam bg (Bang) Kohar fishing also deserves a glance. Here the place looks more organized and tidy. For the fish food menu, it is valued per ounce. So the heavier the fish, the more expensive the price, on average, it is IDR 9,500.00 / ounce. The place is also quite shady and nice, perfect for taking photos. If you are traveling here with large crowds this seems like the place to be. There is a characteristic of a large gouramy statue, so it seems that finding this fishing and culinary spot will not be difficult. The address of Bang Kohar’s nature hut is in Candi Village, Bandungan, Semarang Regency, Central Java.

Sodo Control Fishing

The next fishing field in the tourist area of ​​Bandungan Semarang is the Sodo Control Fishing. Address for Sodo Control Fishing is at Jalan Raya Blater, Jimbaran, Ungaran, Phone: + 62-2980711381

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