Favorite Tourist Attractions in Manado for Holidays, Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions – Bunaken Marine Park is not the only best tourist spot in the city of Manado. For this reason, this article will discuss various tourist objects in the city of ‘Torang Samua Basudara’, which is the motto of the Manado people which means we are all brothers. Therefore, the people there are known for their suave culture, because they consider everyone to be siblings.

Before proceeding to a discussion about natural tourism. You need to know that Manado designated as the coral reef capital of the world by the World Coral Reef Conference (WCRC). In addition, it is also one of the most famous tours in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, based on survey results from Travel YAM.

Therefore, being the largest city in the northern part of Indonesia, it is an attractive choice for a vacation, especially for traveling lovers. The following are tourist attractions that you can visit while in Manado.

Favorite tourist spots in Manado

1. Bunaken Marine Park

The amazing underwater beauty is a favorite place for both domestic and foreign tourists. The island of Bunaken forms the Bunaken-Manado National Park and has been inaugurated by the Indonesian government. In addition, in 2005 UNESCO designated this marine park as a world heritage site.
You can find a variety of tourist activities in Bunaken Sea Park, such as diving, underwater photos, snorkeling, sunbathing, and sightseeing on the beach. With good and adequate facilities, various choices of lodging, cottages, glass boats, diving center, glass boats, and various souvenir stalls.
For those of you, especially those who like to dive, this place is perfect because the underwater world is a paradise in itself. Equipped with 39 existing dive points, you will definitely enjoy diving here. If you can’t swim, you can use a specially designed boat.

2. Lake Tondano

Lake Tondano which is located at an altitude of 600 meters dpa and surrounded by mountains as high as 700 meters is an interesting tourist spot. Lake Tondano is located in a famous tourist area with the Flower Festival in the city of Tomohon. This area is cool because the texture is located in the mountains.
Like Lake Toba in North Sumatra, this tourist attraction also has an island in the middle with an area of ​​4,000 hectares and is flanked by Mount Kaweng, Mount Masarang and Tampusu. Therefore Lake Tondano is a volcanic lake which was produced by ancient volcanic eruptions.

3. Kima Atas Waterfall

Some of the trees that grow around this waterfall make the air cooler. Kima Atas Waterfall is located in Kima Atas Village or about 15 km from Manado city center. The waterfall consists of 3 levels and the water flow is not too heavy. So it is safe to do swimming sports. Besides that, you can also enjoy a variety of culinary delights that are served at this tourist spot. Plus the facility of an ATM machine which is very helpful, if you run out of money.

4. Sawangan Rafting

Rafting is very challenging and to be able to enjoy this extreme sport, you only pay Rp. 180,000, -. Well, in Manado there is a river that has a fast current called Sawangan Rafting. In addition, you will pass currents and rocks for approximately two hours. With a length of the river trajectory 9. The journey taken in white water rafting starts at Resort River Park, Sawangan Village. Don’t worry, you will always enjoy the scenery with lush trees on the riverbank. If you are lucky, you will find monkeys hanging from the trees.

It’s really beautiful favorite tourist spots in Manado for holidays. The natural beauty must be kept clean, so that environmental sustainability can be maintained.