Family tourism in Selecta Malang with charming flower gardens, the most beautiful tourist spots – Holidays are the most awaited time for many families in Indonesia. That’s because during this vacation we can invite the family to take a vacation and enjoy the day together throughout the day. It is even more fun if during that vacation, we visit exciting tourist places and are equipped with beautiful scenery. Maybe you are also one of the connoisseurs and lovers of travel?

For those of you who are actually travel connoisseurs and lovers, you can try doing an exciting family tour at Selecta Malang. There you will find a really beautiful stretch of flower garden. There you will also enjoy extraordinary and irreplaceable natural charm. What kind of tourist attraction and excitement can be found by traveling in Selecta Malang? Here’s the complete information for you!

Family Tourism in Selecta Malang

Selecta Malang

Tourist Attraction in Selecta Malang

This Malang Selecta Park tourist attraction has long been known for its natural beauty. Selecta Park is divided into 4 areas, namely a recreation park, a garden, a restaurant and a hotel. So you can say that Selecta Park is a one stop holiday because there are many tourist options offered complete with supporting facilities. One of the highlights at Selecta Tourist Attractions is a large and complete flower garden. Here you can see a flower garden that is neatly arranged so that it looks beautiful. In the playground, your children can also have fun with the many rides that are offered. Besides that, they can also play water games such as water bikes and swing boats. There are also air bikes to see the beauty of Selecta from a height. And if you really want a ride that is more challenging, you can also try flying the flying fox or learn to ride a horse. And each – each of these rides will be subject to additional fees back. So you also need to prepare a budget

Meanwhile, for rides that also include entrance tickets to Selecta, there are various choices, ranging from swimming pools or water parks which are equipped with a number of games such as sliders with various models prepared. There is also a flower garden that displays various flowers from various regions and a dinosaur park with many ancient animal-style sculptures. Meanwhile, for the fauna collection, you can see a lion cave and a giant aquarium. Anyway, you can find an interesting and exciting experience at Selecta Malang.

After you are satisfied playing, you can go directly to Selecta Restaurant. There are also massage services that you can rent to refresh your body. Inside the Selecta area, there are also shophouses that offer a number of typical souvenirs from Selecta, Batu or Malang. So you can also buy various souvenirs – by Selecta, Batu and Malang there

Interested in walking – and enjoying the beauty of Selecta? Hopefully the information we provide above regarding the Tourist Attractions in Selecta Malang is useful. Have a nice vacation and get all the exciting sensations just at Poor.